About Us

With the idea of helping people who want to send money home to their loved ones, we have created this website that is informative for people interested to find answers to all their questions about sending money abroad and they can do it, having clear the rules, the companies with which they can carry out the transaction as well as the commission fees that each one of them charges.

Our mission is simply to supply all the necessary knowledge and therefore we strive to offer a reliable and friendly information service about money transfer to make this operation easier and faster. That’s all. We do our best to ensure that the user knows perfectly well that the money that has cost him so much, reaches his relatives, in any corner of the planet.

Reasons why we are a Web page committed to users and we also offer comparative and analytical information about global payment companies and operators that offer international money transfer services and international transfers to the whole world in a safe, fast and economical way.

We firmly believe that sending money abroad must be simple, secure and contributing value, so our tips are based on years of experience in the sector which have served us to develop a more accurate conceptualization to facilitate our readers the choice of their digital platform which is a tool to send money to any country and any currency-in person , online or through your mobile-as well as various delivery forms such as deposit to bank account, delivery in cash at the window or at home, subscribed to a mobile wallet, prepaid card or even recharge of balance for mobile calls etc.

We get the most out of our global scale to offer the best tips on our readers, as well as continually seeking solutions that address the needs of our users so that they know how to send money with each of the companies and mechanisms available in the world can find through our FAQ section all the answers to their concerns. It also has information on specific services offered by each company in the destination