Apple Pay Review | Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages in iOS 11

What is Apple Pay?

Has made a new service that allows you to easily send a direct money through the Wallet app. It can even be done from the native app of messages or by requesting Siri and this will be able to carry out this request. The cards or bank accounts that are used will be saved once the money has been sent, whether debit or credit and will remain at our disposal when we need it immediately.  Apple pay Visa or apple pay MasterCard,


Devices that have Apple Pay support

Unfortunately not all devices or smartphones will not be compatible, obviously will need some essential features and it will be necessary to have the latest version of the operating system in question, being IOS 11.1 and watchOS 4, which at the date of publication of this article are the latest versions issued.
We are at the gates of a global revolution that makes it much easier to manage money between friends and family natively from our own smartphones or Apple devices. Since you don’t have to rely on other complicated applications or perhaps with suspicious security. However, it seems that Apple is only focusing on making available to the public only its new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices, as well as the new Apple Watch Series 3.

Characteristics And Functionalities Of The Apple Watch Series 3

The release the Apple Watch 3 is just one more step in the continuous improvement of Apple Watch, which gave a great boost by taking out its third generation in September of this year.
This new Apple technology icon brought with it some interesting features being the most important being eliminated the need to have a paired iPhone 8 nearby offering built-in LTE connectivity.
Previously, with its watchOS 4.1 operating system, Apple introduced the ability to stream Apple Music and listen to music from its ICloud library on its Apple Watch only when connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
To upgrade the software and move from watchOS 4.1 to watchOS 4.2, simply place your Apple watch on the charger with at least a 50% charge, make sure it is connected to a Wi-Fi connection and start the update via General Watch > update Software.

Apple Pay Review

Other good points to keep in mind are:
  • Functionality (reception and transmission elements for LTE and UMTS) which is part of the screen.
  • The watch features a tiny electronic SIM (eSIM), which is only 1% of the size of a card if M EST Standard
  • Shares the same mobile number as the user’s iPhone.
  • Offers 18 hours of battery life.
  • It has a dual-core Apple S3 processor, which according to Apple is 70% faster than the S2.

The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) requires an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 or later. The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + cell phone) requires an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 or later


Apple pay how to use  to send money to friends

Although initially,  Apple Pay to friends was a controversial device, it is still a technological icon due to a number of interesting new features included in its watchOS operating system. In this constant change, Apple has added an important last feature called Apple Pay Cash, which without the need to use third-party app allows users who love Apple Watch, users in the United States send money to other iOS users directly through the smartwatch interface.


Requirements For Using Apple Pay on An Apple Watch

Actually, to use Apple Pay Cash the main requirement is that both users who send money and who receives have installed iOS 11.2, in the case of Apple Pay iPhone 5s, Apple pay iPhone 6  and in the case of Apple Watch have the watchOS 4.2, which are the systems operatives compatible with Apple Pay.

You must also have previously registered or linked to your Apple Pay account a debit or credit card. The default card will be the debit card and the use of this is free, however, if you want to use the credit card you will have an extra charge of 3% for commissions.

Prior to using the money transfer service, it is recommended to have two-step authentication configured to prevent other users from using the service indiscriminately or behind their backs.

For using apple pay online you have to register some dates, for that, you have click on apple pay login
It is important to know that in order to avoid future problems, Apple must verify the identity of the user, who must be at least 18 years of age and have a debit or credit card in his name to register and use.

For identity verification, we must access Settings> Wallet and Apple Pay> Apple Pay Cash and download to verify identity. There, the name, address, date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number are requested.

Apple Pay Setup

To add the card follow these easy instructions:

in your Apple Pay app, Access to Settings> Wallet and Apple Pay> Apple Pay Cash, then put the number and other information requested from the debit or credit card used to send money. By default the card that is added will be debt, however selecting the option Add a different card we can add a credit card.

The options that are offered are several, we can also define and request the payment of a quantity of money, we will do it like this:

  • Press the App Store icon next to the text field
  • Adjust the amount
  • Select if we want to request this amount of money.

Another way is to enter a normal amount of money and automatically create a link for other users to press and send money automatically and quickly through Apple Pay Cash.

But undoubtedly the best thing about Apple Pay Cash is the interaction with Siri. Simply tell Siri “Send x dollars to Pedro using the Apple Pay Cash Cash” so that our assistant can send us a shipping confirmation once the transaction has been completed.


Procedure To Make A Money Send To Apple Pay

Well, we must say that it is really not difficult to do this act of sending money and we will explain with a few simple steps:

Remember that before deciding to send money through this modality you must have a card linked to Apple Pay.

1. Open the Text Messages application, just as if you normally did it to send a message to someone. Right there at the end of the message you will see the new option that says: send money
2. Click or click to send money through Apple Pay Cash and it will indicate so follow the instructions,
3. Enter the amount of money you are going to send and that’s it.

(Send money through Facebook Messenger works in the same way).

The money is sent in a matter of minutes and it reaches the receiver in the form of funds directly to the digital card associated with Apple Pay Cash, later these funds could be used to buy items offered by Apple Pay, or you can also send them to a bank account linked.

Although the service can also be requested through SIRI, it is not recommended since SIRI has the tendency to confuse some verbal terms and obviously we would not like to send fifty dollars when we really told Siri that she should send fifteen.

Apple Pay Locations:  This new service of Apple Pay countries was received with pleasure although initially it has been offered only for users of iPhones in the United States.

but it is hoped that little by little it will be used in other countries of America and Europe.

Apple Pay Deutschland, Apple Pay Canada, apple pay India, apple pay Australia, apple pay Brasil, apple pay Belgium,
apple pay banks Australia, apple pay Finland, apple pay France, apple pay Hong Kong,  Apple pay Indonesia,  apple pay Italia,  apple pay Singapore.
Subsequently has been developing new changes that also include a launch for users of iOS 11.2 and Apple Watch itself. By the end of November, this new interface was ready to be exposed to the general public, which represents a remarkably quick change for Apple Watch support.

Apple lovers and their magnificent new features we must be patient because although currently only available in the US. In the United States, it is very likely that this will change rapidly in the coming months. Apple Pay originally was also originally limited to the USA. UU, But began to spread to other countries several months after the launch.

Apple Pay Review | Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages in iOS 11
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