Bizum Bankia is an innovation for transfer and sending money that is great

Bizum Bankia is now a service that is available in the application of your bank, you should only activate the service of Bizum and contact of your agency, to be able to transfer the amount and money you want in a few seconds.

Bizum Bankia has utilities, services, and offers

What Bizum Bankia offers are transfers among users who become effective instantly. These money transfers will be instantaneous as long as the destination is already affiliated with Bizum Ing Direct.
This service can be used by all persons with a telephone number and bank account. The bank will give you high and link the phone number with the account to be able to use Bizum Bankia.
So it is a service that has little time in the transfer industry and sent money some entities that work with this service are in the app of Bizum Caixabank, Bizum BBVA, Bizum Santander, Sabadell, Bankia, Banco Pastor, and other banks.

It is safe to transfer money with Bizum Bankia.

Bizum Bankia works with the information that has the bank of each user, its credit history, thus leveraging and using the channels of the bank that has the app, which means that it should not fill out forms with data or requirements. Security is backed by the bank, complying with the regularization and standards for data and payment protection.

How much money you can send by Bizum and what commission you have.

Some banks decide not to charge but do not discard the possibility of charging later for this service, even there is already bank that charge after the limit of operations. In fact, the fee will be put by the bank to which this affiliate already Bizum Bankia is linked with the bank.
The amounts of the transfers also put the policies of the bank to which this affiliate, one speaks at the beginning of 50 cents until 500 euros for the moment. Since the financial objective is to reach in 5 years no less 30 billion of transactions with Bizum Bankia, Bizum openBank, and Bizum la Caixa.
Many wonder if it is useful to get cash, this possibility is discarded at the moment, but it is thought that a future is possible a system of Cashback by means of the mobile in the different businesses. With the aim of the users do not lack the cash.
The minimum or maximum movements of transfers are handled by banks, they are the ones who put the limits and the maximum amount or movements depends on the bank, the amounts vary between 30 operations issued per month and 20 received per day. It all depends on the bank. Since Bizum Bankia is not an application that has to make a payment because the service is integrated to internet banking.
  • There are still banks that are not linked with Bizum although in Spain and all banks are, it has become a bit strange that ING direct does not have the service of Bizum ING Direct, but incorporation is open to new partners.

Bizum is not a stand-alone application because it is on the Caixabank Pay app.

To be able to use this system of Bizum it is necessary to register in Caixabank Pay. There you can start sending and receiving very easy money, only with your mobile phone, no preloads whatever the bank in which the destination operates, as the banks adopted their own app as (Santander wallet or BBVA wallet) to use this service Bizum Bankia.

Benefits of Bizum Bankia.

  •  Working with Bizum Bankia is easy, fast and safe.
  • Any bank can enjoy the service.
  • It is safe because your system is backed by banks.
  • You do not need to download an additional app.
  • You only need to activate your mobile phone number and the account you choose.
  • It is very fast to transfer money, you do not have to wait a day for the money to become effective.
  • And Best of all is that it is a free service, it does not have the need to know the other bank account. That’s why Bizum Bankia is the most.
  •  It is said that in the first year is completely free, and many people have tried this financial innovation and banks like Santander and BBVA has its active application.




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Bizum Bankia is an innovation for transfer and sending money that is great
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