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As of February 2018, Google Pay Send is the definitive successor to the previous Google service that was known as Google Wallet. Likewise, Android Pay services have been integrated into the same app, this change was carried out by Google Pay in order to revolutionize the payment system and offer a more efficient service while being easy to use. The Google app to send money online is now called Google Pay Send and is a payment option included in Google Pay.

What is Google Pay Send?

Google Pay Send is a new and renewed payment platform developed by Google, it is available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) and had its initial version in May 2011 under the Google Wallet name.

It is a mobile payment application that is very fast and safe, you can send money to anyone from an email or phone number, currently sending money to your contacts is as easy as writing a text message.

Google App Send works to pay for a wide variety of stores.

At this time the Google app to send money online can be used in Android devices, iOs and web platforms. Even the application can be used for your smartwatch.

Lately, Google has continued to make changes in favor of the user, so that every time he finds fewer obstacles when making an online payment. For this, Google Pay expanded the coverage, making it accessible in other locations and countries.

Google Pay allows customers to make payments by downloading their application or by going directly to the website, it is compatible with almost any debit card, including Google Play, as long as they are already associated with one of their accounts, whether Gmail, YouTube, Chrome or an Android device.

Why Google Wallet Pay App is considered the best Way to Send Money online

Using Google pay send the app to make payments can make your life easier. Besides giving you advantages in agility and security it also shows you offers and even rewards you for your purchases.

This will undoubtedly put this mobile payment application ahead of other powerful current payment systems.

We can say that this new platform to make online payments, will have a resounding success because the platform has just made new changes, incorporating the option of sending money to your contacts and they will receive it almost instantaneously.

Among several of the advantages and features offered by the application, Google Wallet pay App is considered the best Way to send Money online, because:

    • It is genuinely easy to send and receive money from a desktop or mobile device.
    • No cost to the sender or the recipient.
    • The account can be set up by linking a debit card, credit card or bank account, either from the United States or the United Kingdom.

Google pay send can be used for the application as such or also from gmaiGmail

  • The App to send money is available for devices with Android 4.0 and above.
  • The google app to transfer money is also currently working on devices with iOS 8.0 and higher.
  • If you do not have a google pay account when sending money, you can create it in an instant guided by the system of voice that is already integrated with the application. will help you in the steps to follow with a speaker, if you prefer.
  • The person who receives the money may also not have an open or registered account with Google Pay, so they will be notified by email or text message informing them about the pending transaction to receive so that the person can decide how they will receive the money.
  • Easy access to rewards and offers. The Google Pay homepage shows you a personalized list of nearby stores where you could pay for this service. The relevance of these stores depends on whether you bought there before there and also your location.

How does Google Wallet Work?


If you want to know how to send money with google wallet, you must first bear in mind that now it is no longer called Google Wallet, so instead you should look for the application called Google Pay send within the home screen of Google Pay online, Or you can also download the application from the play store on your phone.

Google Pay, works in a way that allows users to send money between them since it has been structured under the peer-to-peer payment service or also called Peer-to-Peer.
The team responsible for the development of the application really wanted it to be very easy to start using Google Pay send. In this way, paying goods or services online would be something of an instant and without further scrubbing.

This makes it possible to easily perform banking operations between users of for example Bank of America in the US with a Google partner in another country such as MBank in Poland, using only the configuration of Google Pay directly.

Google Pay, works from the web platform of your computer through the portal, is also available by downloading the Google Pay Send app for use in phones of the type; Android, iPhone, And Ipad.

If you are a user within the US you can download and configure the Google Pay Send application just like google desktop.

For users from other countries you will have to check the list, so you can see if the availability of both the platform and the APP is open.

 How to use Google Pay App (Google Wallet) To transfer money correctly

The sender user preferably must be previously registered in the Google Pay platform.

Step 1: Enter the Google Wallet / Google pay Send website either from the web platform or if you have the google wallet app installed, open the application and enter the data to access.

Step 2: In the field where $ 0 comes out, enter the amount and then click or touch send.

Step 3: Under the next field, enter the recipient’s email address or phone number.

Step 4: The following field is optional and is to give detail of the reason for the transaction. Touch send

Step 5: If you have several methods added, the system will ask you from where you will take the money to send and you will also have to confirm the amount.
In case you have not yet registered or linked a card or bank account, you can do so at this time.

Important notes:
It is important that you first ask the recipient which email address or phone number you could use to transfer the money since that email or phone number that you wrote down above the recipient must be linked to a bank account so that he can access to those funds.

If the recipient also has a Google Pay account, the funds will be stored in that account directly.

If at the end of the transaction you see an error or you are not willing to carry out the transaction, you have a few seconds to click or click on “cancel transfer” before the transfer is made in its entirety.

Shipments that are not claimed by the recipient after 14 days, the money will be automatically returned to the sender’s account.

How to Send Money or Make Money Transfers Online Easily

Google Wallet limits – What is the limit per transaction using the Google Pay Send App?

Unfortunately for some bosses who move a lot of money, instead of paying coffee to their friend, Google Pay Send put a single transaction limit of $ 9,999. In addition, you can not send more than $ 50,000 for a period of 5 days. Well said, I’m still inside these avid financial movements.

Where can I use Google Pay? (Android pay -Google Wallet)

With Google Pay, you can pay in many sites, stores, websites, and apps. To make sure you can pay there with Google Pay you just have to make sure the store has the authorized logo. Soon, you can use Google Pay in Google Store app stores, Google Photos and more.

Remember that Android pay and Google Wallet now joined in a single one called Google Pay, and it is the most used payment method nowadays because it is quick and easy to use.

Devices and mobile phones compatible with Google Pay App (Android pay -Google Wallet)

To download and use the application without problems make sure your mobile device has the following characteristics:

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

On phones with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.

Google Pay Send, has been tested on the iPhone XI resulting in a download of 75 MB.

Google Pay Send was also tested by one of our users on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and in this case, the weight of the application download was only 5.9 MB.

It should be noted that it is also not likely to overload your phone’s memory, but it seems likely that Google’s mobile operating system includes support that should be added to Apple devices.

List of countries where Google Pay is accepted as a form of payment

• Australia
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Canada
• Czech Republic
• Hong Kong
• Ireland
• Japan
• New Zealand
• Poland
• Russia
• Singapore
• Slovakia
• Spain
• Taiwan
• Ukraine
• United Kingdom
• U.S

Featured Stores in the USA where you can pay with Google pay send app

Remember that even if you do not find a store on this list, as long as you see any of these symbols:


It means that you can pay without difficulty with the application. the following are some of the featured stores where you can pay with Google Pay

Dunkin ‘Donuts
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods Market
Babies “R” Us
Barneys Newyork
American Eagle
Best Buy
Champs Sports
Crate & Barrel
Disney Store
Duane Reade
Farm Fresh
Firehouse SUBS
Food Maxx
Foot Locker
Game Stop
Giant Eagle
Golden State Warriors
Jersey Mikes
Jewel Osco
House or Hoops
Jamb Juice
Lady Foot Locker
Office Depot
Peets Coffee
Philz Cofee
Pep Boys
Raley + s
Save Mart
Shop’n Save
Six: 02
Star Market
Stater Bros
Sprouts Farmer Market
Toys R Us
Ulta Beauty
United Supermarkets
The Fresh Market
Win Dixie
Stop & Shop
Mundo de Walt Disney
White Castle
Spring Market
Super Foods

Apps and featured sites where you can pay using Google Pay Send

Tonight hotel
He says
And more….

Banks and Payment Providers that Google Pay works with

Google Pay is associated with hundreds of banks around the world. The main banking entities in the United States that support Google Pay are the following:
American Express
Bank of America
Barclaycard US
TD Bank
US Bank
Wells Fargo
Among all these, Bank of America has excelled in its work to minimize tedious processes to its customers and now Bank of America users can configure Google Pay in the banking application without having to install the Google application.

We hope that other banks will also implement this magnificent function in the future.

Google Wallet Fees

As for the fees for the use of the Google Pay App, they will remain $ 0 “Zero”. Like the App that we previously knew as Google Wallet, this service is free of charge. Adding money to the balance of the portfolio through a linked bank account does not have any additional charge. At the time of a purchase at any store, neither the merchant nor the customer pays an extra amount for the business transaction.

In the same way, as for the normal sending of money to another person, nothing is paid either; neither the person who sends the money, nor who receives it. This is possible and differs from other payment methods where some of them charge an additional minimum fee because Google Pay Send does not support the credit card as a payment method and therefore does not generate additional charges.

In the previous version of Google Wallet, sending money from a debit card generated a flat rate of 2.9%, but in this version, this charge was omitted. Also in this version was eliminated the use of the credit card that according to Google Pay, was what more expenses generated to the user for the payment of fees to these entities.

How to Send Money or Make Money Transfers Online Easily
Google Pay App =) (Google Wallet + Android Pay)
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