How does Robinhood make money? Trading Review 2018

How does Robinhood make money? Trading Review 2018
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I know you wonder how does Robinhood make money? What are Robinhood dividends? Well, here's the Robinhood business model which has been the company's biggest challenge since its inception.
Then I have prepared this detailed Robinhood review so that we can know in depth the financial platform Robinhood stock.
The startup Robinhood Company has received a lot of fans of the financial world as of the community of traders, because although it is not the first brokerage company that is encouraged to carry out operations with 0 of commission, if it is the first that seems to be having Resounding success with this proposal, and in fact has gained ground where other companies have failed after not finding enough income.

How Does Robinhood Work?

How does Robinhood make money


Robinhood trading evolves centrally in a broker platform that allows i


ts users to perform operations that have to do with stock brokerage, ie buy and sell shares quoted in the USA. And ETF, the good thing is that all these procedures are done with a commission of $0. Yes, it's great that Robinhood markets bet that we should all have access to financial markets and I think companies like Robinhood inspire a new generation of investors.
But how can you offer non-fee operations while other brokers charge up to $10 per transaction? Robinhood margin was intentionally built as well since its inception, just to be as efficient as possible. Having an online Robinhood platform eliminated the costs of store locations, administration, account manual, expensive ads, etc. That's why they can keep a baseline and transfer the savings to the customer.

What kind of accounts does Robinhood offer?

Robinhood Financial offers three types of accounts:
 Robinhood Margin Account
 Robinhood Gold
 Robinhood Cash Account

Robinhood Margin Account?

It is basically the company's standard account and is automatically granted when a customer registers for a new account. With it, the customer will be able to sell shares or make deposits for up to $1.000 and will also have access to instant deposits and will not have to wait for their funds to be processed to make any transactions.

Robinhood Gold Review

With a Robinhood Gold account, you have access to additional purchasing power, you also have larger instant deposits and you can enjoy extended trading schedules.

What is Robinhood Cash account?

In a Robinhood, Cash Account day trading is allowed the user to perform Commission-free operations in shares, without deposits and obtain instant settlements.

How does Robinhood make money?

It's actually pretty bright the way how does Robinhood app make Money.
Robinhood gets dividends through 3 ways:
  1.  Earn money by collecting interest on cash and non-invested securities that remain in the accounts, just as a bank collects interest on people's cash deposits. I guess every runner does it, as it's the basis of how banks make money. While the company does not say exactly what their interest rates are, they hover approximately 3.5 percent.


  1.  The co-founder of Robinhood, Baiju Bhatt, told TechCrunch that the company does not sell the data of its users, but it may also earn revenue from the rebates it receives by directing its flow of orders to stockbrokers.


  1. Finally, earn money with your premium Robinhood Gold service. With Gold. The only product in which the company charges some type of fee since this type of account allows optionally the access in compensatory time and this operation outside of the usual time generates a cost that goes from only $6 to $200 per month depending on the Account Size
    The negotiation continues to be without commissions, but users pay this monthly fee to access extended trading schedules, a line of credit to invest, as well as instant reinvesting, which allows users to immediately access the revenue of a stock sale, and instant deposits, which eliminates the three-day waiting period for funds to be transferred from the bank to Robinhood.

The company started with the premise of zero fees and has worked excellently considering that being a technologically promoted brokerage can operate with less overhead saving costs both in window locations, administration Account Manual and others.

Trading according to the ideology of the company must be free of commissions for beginner shareholders to be encouraged to participate in the stock market.

Robinhood App Review

Robinhood app is the best stock trading app for beginners and very well positioned within the stock market apps for Android in the world. The Robinhood securities brokerage application stands out among its competitors because it has servers that transmit data from the exchange market in real time, while notifying users about scheduled events, such as earnings, dividends or splits. The totally free stock trading applications are intended to provide traders with updated and timely information.

The real point of sale of the company is that it allows the investors to carry out trading transactions or ETF without paying commissions.


Robinhood app safe has simplified much more the way to agree between users with Robinhood markets and Robinhood stock. This Robinhood Broker app makes stock negotiations very easy to do, almost like an instant payment app.

It is very easy to keep that application open and check it during the workday.

You can also Install Robinhood on Desktop.


Robinhood web app

Get ready to invest with Robinhood on the web. The company has just announced negotiating options, are features available in the Web application, of course, so let's see what we will see this year 2018 that brings us special this application to use.

I must clarify that I have nothing to do with RobinHood specifically in addition to being a RobinHood user for the web that as any of you comes to review and expose your comments about this not so new web platform. I love that you have interactive research and discovery tools so you can make better-informed investment decisions at all times.

Click here to Robinhood login!  

Register for Robinhood to invest in Bitcoin and actions

Robinhood can be seen as the best option for investing in the stock market, as it significantly reduces the entry barrier to a new generation of investors. Customers who are also accustomed to the simplicity of mobile tools, and who now have a very skillful application to invest.

It should be noted in this Robinhood review that the app needs a lighter version because I have noticed that it exhausts a lot of data. It seems to me that if I am running Robinhood in the background, some other applications sometimes hang, although I recognize that it could also be a mistake with recent IOS updates.


Robinhood stocks list to buy

Users can choose to negotiate between more than 5,000 shares in Robinhood Financial, that listing includes most of the shares in the U.S. and publicly traded funds (ETF) listed in the main U.S. stock exchanges The company also offers negotiation options.

Currently, Robinhood Financial is not compatible with:

  •  Values domiciled abroad *
  • OTC Actions
  • Preferred Actions
  • Monitoring of actions
  • Investment Funds
  • Bonds and fixed income negotiation
  • Currency exchanges


Robinhood trading Cryptocurrency

Depending on your country of stay, you can also choose to negotiate some Cryptocurrency through Robinhood Crypto. It should be kept in mind that Robinhood Crypto is not a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), nor is he part of the Corporation for the Protection of Securities Investors (SIPC). You should know that Cryptocurrency are not actions and your investments in Cryptocurrency are not protected by SIPC.

Robinhood opens Cryptocurrency Trading no Commissions

Robinhood's mobile investment application seeks to compete as a strong blockchain this year 2018, proposing as the best alternatives to Coinbase one of the most popular. Since it starts strong offering the purchase and sale of digital coins and without charging any fees for transactions.

The application of Robinhood exchanges is entering with force to the market of the Criptodivisas. As the platform has announced that it will allow to buy and sell in the beginning Bitcoin and Ethereum without commissions for the additional transactions starting in February and, later, it'll add more cryptocurrencies gradually.

Also starting today, Crypto Robinhood will allow you to get pricing news about the 16 major digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin Litecoin Cash, Zcash, Ripple, Ethereum Classic Stellar, Nero, Dash,, Qtum, NEO, bitcoin Gold, OmiseGo, Lisk, and Dogecoin etc.

Promises not to charge additional fees for transactions with these cryptocurrencies, only a minimal fee to recover the costs associated with the trading of assets. Although the first to release this new option will be the states of California, Missouri, Massachusetts, Montana and New Hampshire.

This option is expected to be available to most states of the United States by mid-year. For the international markets, soon the application will be available in Google Play store and Apple's App store, so it is expected to come to Europe.

This is a strategy of the Robinhood Company who currently manages more than 100 million users under the scheme of zero commissions and expects to get this year with Robinhood Crypto other 3 million as estimated. It is very good news for those who like to save.