How to send money to someone fast

Do you need to know how to send money to someone fast? It is very easy and we tell you everything you need to know before sending cash abroad.

When you need send money to someone instantly, you must first know that there are different ways to send money, for it will always be a money transfer agencies ready to help you to send money abroad NatWest.


But, before we go with them first we want you to understand all about online wire transfer service:

Economic options: How to send money to someone fast

The two main things to consider are:

1. The country of destination: Well this is because not all countries can use the same methods, in some countries they have restrictions to be taken into account. In other posts later we will treat each country in particular so you know how it is done in each of them the sending and receiving of money.


2. The amount of money we are going to send: Logically more quantity will be the expenses caused by commissions and although we will tell you the cheaper options to send money, you must take into account that in less or greater measure each agency that provides this service charges something is minimal.


To see the forms commonly used for transactions are exchanges of digital money, fintech or traditional services, PayPal and bank transfers.

What are the main reasons for this kind of money-sending services to be given around the world? Well, everyday people travel to other countries, whether for job opportunities or for conducting studies or for any other reason, the case is that these immigrant people are the ones who demand the services of international payments, especially for the sending of remittances to their relatives.

How to send money to someone fast

transfer money online instantly

Let’s say that this is one of the most common cases of international transactions, in addition, other examples such as the payment of invoices to foreign companies for the provision of a service or the credit of the next vacation abroad.

We are currently living in an area of global economy and everything is very fast and easy due to the increasingly common technological tools.

Now if I speak to you in the most common ways of making money consignments taking into account the two previous factors that we already discussed, the country of destination and the quantity:
Digital money: Mobile or cell phone has more and more uses, including transfers of money online, ie terminal to terminal.

A quick, easy-to-use option that doesn’t require many intermediaries, so it doesn’t have a high cost.


  •  Fintech services: A very used method especially in Spain since these services are the most indicated for sending money to other parts of the world, especially to countries outside the Sepa zone, that is to say those that are not part of the so-called single payment area in euros, composed of consumers and companies from 34 countries, to make payments under the same conditions and with the same rights and obligations, irrespective of the country of the euro zone where they are located.


  • Traditional services: Traditional postal money companies are recommended only for sending small amounts of cash abroad.


  •  How to send money to someone fast: PayPal: is one of the best-known payment methods for sending money on the Internet. Through this system, payments can be made abroad, without cost if the country of destination belongs to the euro zone and with a low commission in case of countries outside the SEPA zone. Other additional costs are foreign exchange derivatives or using a card instead of the balance available on the platform.


  • How to send money to someone fast: Bank transfers: When choosing this option, you have to take into account which bank is going to perform the operation, because there is no fixed cost in these transactions, depends on each entity. In the case of transactions in the euro zone, the cost of the transfers is not so high and even in some entities, it is free. However, bank transfers are not the best option due to high currency exchange fees.

As it is now it is very simple to make a worldwide money transfer from anywhere you are.

How to send money to someone fast
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