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Why send money via WhatsApp online? The proliferation of this type of payment platforms through the phone has caused several banks have seen in WhatsApp another possibility of business through contacts.

The popular WHATSAPP Mail service will soon receive a new option: sending money to your contacts. Thus, it will compete with great advantage against other applications that are exercising micro banks to pay small debts, bets or dinners.


Paying from Whatsapp


Presumably, we will be able to easily pay our friends for these small consumptions or debts using exactly the same interface of the application, and this alternative will be launched first in the United R., so as to become free in other countries. Other services such as Fb Messenger or the IOS system are supposed to integrate this payment of money, so it is possible that we find a future full of micro banks. What is not yet known is in what way we will be able to do to then transform that money into currency or ticket.


Other future option: Reverse Messages Sent


Another alternative that will soon be added to Whatsapp is going to be to Reverse Messages Sent, both individual and to ensembles, something that we have all dreamt of over the years. Those inappropriate messages that we have all sent will ever be able to be erased before they are read. Repentance is going to exist if it’s on time.


Thanks to a special keyboard, users of the Instant messaging platform can now send money to their contacts at no extra cost.

send money via whatsapp


Which phones can be used to send money through WhatsApp


Several banks offer this possibility, and others are currently developing the necessary systems to be able to join this new line of business. BBVA has already launched a keyboard that can be used in any messaging app or social network and allows transactions of up to 500 euros. The idea is that while we are in a chat with a contact, we can change the keyboard currently used by the aforementioned bank, called BBVA Cashup, and after identifying us by the fingerprint and pin we can send money via WhatsApp to this contact. Fast, comfortable and without leaving WhatsApp.
Banco Santander is also developing its platform to join this 
new payment model via mobile, and have announced that they expect it will soon be available for both Android and iOS.

Options available today to receive and send money via WhatsApp

You must download the applications first, these have been created by the banks to be easily integrated into the messaging platform. So that while you are writing a message you can find a button that allows you to send the money to a friend or family member easily.
• Caixabank has available to its users a model similar but does not make to send money via WhatsApp instant messaging apps.
ImaginBank allows its customers to make transactions without having to know the account numbers of their recipients through their app, and can be made to accounts of any entity.
• On the other hand, another option to be able to pay the contacts quickly can be to opt for an app like Bizum. This allows you to make transactions between contacts without having to use cash but also without having to know your bank accounts. The app works with most banks: Caixabank, BBVA, Santander, Sabadell, Bankia, Banco Popular, Kutxabank, Ibercaja, Bankinter, Liberbank, Labor Kutxa, Cecabank, Caja Sur, Imagine Bank,, and Banco pastor.
BBVA has updated its application for Android, offering the possibility to send money to our contacts in any Instant messaging application.
Although the messaging platform has not yet spoken about it, and we do not know if this feature will eventually arrive, some Spanish banks already offer the possibility to send money via WhatsApp.

How to make payments through WhatsApp

Send and receive money by WhatsApp with these applications

At the moment, only two popular banks such as ImaginBank (La Caixa) and, from today, BBVA, allow making this kind of payments. However, other entities such as Santander have already demonstrated their intentions of launching services of this type to make transactions through any Instant messaging app.

Send money by Whatsapp using Imaginbank

In the case of ImaginBank, it will be necessary to make use of ImaginBoard, a keyboard that offers the own application of the bank, and that will allow us to proceed to the sending of money of our bank account. In addition, it will have to be registered in the mobile payment system Bizum.
As it is logical, it will be necessary to have an account in ImaginBank to proceed to the payments. Once the app has been installed, we must enable the ImaginBoard keyboard following the following steps:


  •  Go to “settings”
  •  Access the “languages and text Input” section, and then to “virtual keyboard”.
  •  Select the option of ImaginBoard.
This way we will have enabled the bank’s keyboard. Now, from a conversation of WhatsApp, Telegram or any other messaging service, using this new keyboard, we can choose the desired contact, and select the amount of money you want to transfer. It’s that easy.

how to send money on whatsapp  using BBVA

BBVA also makes use of the Bizum system for this type of payments, so it will be essential to be registered. As in the case of ImaginBank, the BBVA app offers BBVA Cashup, a own keyboard from which to send and receive money on WhatsApp or any instant messaging service.
Once you have enabled the Cashup keyboard from the system settings, the procedure to be performed will be the same as before. Open the conversation, select the desired contact, and finally choose the amount of money we want to send.

how to transfer money on whatsapp using Freecharge

To use WhatsApp instant Messaging application in conjunction with the app to send or receive money. Follow these instructions:
First: Install the Freecharge application.
To send/Receive money through WhatsApp you will be able to find and download from Google Play Store the application, then you must register in Freecharge using your mobile number.
Second: Enable the FreeCharge option in WhatsApp
Then click the ‘ More ‘ option in the lower-right part of the screen.
Third: In actions, you will see ‘ FreeCharge in WhatsApp ‘ option, click on it, at the bottom of the screen you will see an Activation button, click on it and Grant accessibility permissions to the application.
Fourth: Start sending money in WhatsApp with this, the installation process comes to an end. Now all you have to do is send money through WhatsApp. To do this, open WhatsApp and select a contact to send money. Enter the quantity. When sending the message you will see the Freecharge icon above the shipping icon in WhatsApp, click on it and it is done.
send money via WhatsApp | Current Methods
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