International Money Transfer Services in USA

International Money Transfer Services in USA
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All of us have ever needed to make an international money transfer, and more we live outside of our home countries.

Whether it's for to send Money bank account, send money to family, or it may be the opposite case and we need them to not send some money to survive, sooner or later we will need to send money abroad.

Perhaps the problem is that many people resort to the known, or the traditional system of shipments, the same that has always been used, without even asking what is the best way to send money? Surely today to ask this question has more and better answers since today money transfer worldwide became a boom, a very common operation, easy and quick to do. Sending money to England or any other foreign country is made by moving a single finger.

Then I give some tips to make an international money transfer and explain how to do it completely free.

How NOT to make an international money transfer

As you know, there are several ways to send money abroad, but the medium par excellence is still going to the bank and ready!

What do people usually do? Go to your bank for life in the country where he has a bank account and apply for the online wire transfer service, at that time the employees of the bank will be very happy because even if you do not know behind that process they expect to be able to charge an implicit commission "

And I say implicitly because although banks do not charge you a direct or explicit commission for making a bank transfer abroad, they are staying with some of your money.

They apply a hidden or indirect commission in the currency exchange. For example in bank transfers to the UK, if you are going to send 100 euros and these are 80 pounds, they will give you 68 pounds, as they have applied the change of currency that has given them the desire.

Therefore, we have already learned something: banks are left with enough money in the send money to the UK through the hidden commissions. If you do not think to ask your bank how many euros you need to reach £50 to England. Then compare the result to Google and be!

So, how to make a free international money transfer

Read on, because now I explain how to make your transfer completely free (no Management Committee).

As I have explained starting the post, my recommendation is to flee the banks, because with them we will lose a lot of money on account of commissions whento send money money transfer

From among the different online systems to make international bank transfers, such as WesternUnion, WorldRemit MoneyGram, TransferWise, Sendvalu, Cashaa, Xoom. These are already well known and many others I also recommend in this blog. I say it with the property because I have used the service of each one of them and I have seen the following positive points:

  • Because they have a very safe platform, I have tried them and I have never had any problems.
  • Because they have a broad sense of commitment and honesty with the client. His human talents are always very pleasant, compressive and kind. Always willing to help you in chat or phone in case you do not understand any step of the process.
  • They apply the change of real and exact currency.
  • Very low commissions and even if it is the first time you send money they do not charge anything to earn you as a customer as is the case of TransferWise:
  • The super easy-to-use online platform. It's like you're making an online purchase with your debit/credit card.