Is it time to buy Bitcoin? Pros and cons

These last few weeks we have seen the madness that has been unleashed around the criptomonedas and especially buy Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin, this is because its price has also soared to the clouds.
The digital currency of the Bitcoin moment has risen like foam, and is already listed at more than $18.000 starting the week. It is amazing to see how it has increased its value so drastically considering that it began the year marketing below $1.000.
Buy Bitcoin
As we have seen many people claim that they are making a lot of money because they invested in the right moment, it means that they made the decision to invest just before it went up in price and with this these people have won a lot of money with that, now there are the many other individuals who in doubt or perhaps thought that the Bitcoin would not become so important or to be very relevant. These same individuals now walk around investigating and wondering: Is it too late to get on the Bitcoin investment bandwagon?
As for the issue of whether or not it is feasible to invest right now in the purchase of Bitcoins, some financial advisors say: “Buyer Please be careful if you are thinking of investing in this kind of digital currency as Bitcoin”. Other people, who are following very closely the trader of these currencies are excited in the investment of Criptomonedas, not only limited to the trader of bitcoins but of others that are already taking their first steps, they take a lot of value and they are also won Interest in the world of Criptomonedas. So you do not have to lose a second of view to any of them as they can be seen also as a good investment.
However, some risky investors have done their research to invest and have obtained good profits.
Matt Hanlon A enstusiasta of the cryptocurrency knew the Bitcoin three years ago and decided to invest in the currency, after 3 months could see how it reached the triple of its value, thus achieving excellent profits, since then has not stopped believing and bet on the crypt Ocurrency. 
He says he started buying fractions of Bitcoins called Satoshi. For those who do not know, a Bitcoin is composed of 100, 000.000 toshis.
Describing what a Bitcoin really is or how it produces one of these currencies is complicated but we can generalize by saying that it is itself a unique result of a complex computer code and that to date it is not issued by any government or monitored by any Financial entity. But that is accepted in countless commercial transactions.
People store their currency amounts that are actually these codes, in a digital wallet that only they have access to.
“Then you have two keys. You have a public key that you can show someone and that’s how they send you money with your public key, and then you have a private key. That’s the key that allows you to spend the Bitcoin. Like those QR codes, “Hanlon said.
Currently this coin is accepted by a number of companies so that you can buy things or pay some services, in order that the Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies called Ciptomonedas, is taking an impressive force even in trading.
Hundreds of companies around the world now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.
In addition, a Bitcoin futures market has just opened in the Chicago market.
Hanlon thinks it’s the future of trade.
“It’s the people’s money,” Hanlon said. “Nobody else owns it because it’s verified worldwide on the Internet. Cryptography is secure. You know that if I send you a value you can’t send three of those values, you can’t duplicate it. It’s as good as gold. “
In addition, Wesley Odom, president of Armada Advisors, an investment advisory firm in Pensacola, warns those who might be interested in making money fast with the digital currency.
Odom said: “In essence, you have a situation that could lead to, at some point, someone might say, ‘ Well, we are frozen right now because we have no more space where it will not be, the currency will not be processed until we solve it.”
The Bitcoin economy is new, unregulated, and has a bad reputation for being widely used in the black market.
Odom does not recommend that people use it as a way to make money.
“Until this is more investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and other countries around the world and really investigate and find out what is happening, I think you should leave the issue behind. There are many other ways you can make money, “Odom said.
Hanlon advises those who consider investing that they never invest more than they can afford to lose.
Hanlon has won a lot of money, but he didn’t say how much.
Is it time to buy Bitcoin? Pros and cons
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