How to Make Money From Home With These ★10 Interesting Jobs Online 2018

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I need money fast!, I need money now! ¿How can I make money from home on the Internet? I want Money, and you?… I’m sure you need extra money too, if you’re looking for how to make money from home, quickly, easily and free, I’m sure this information will be of great use to you. The online work consists of playing virtually your skills, ie the trade you already know how to do but it is only to find a way to dock and do that work in a virtual way without having to move to no physical workplace.

Can You earn money online for free without falling for scams?

Working from home jobs with benefits is a good way to get extra money. Use the ability to search online opportunities to earn money, find a legitimate work from home jobs hiring now, and in that way, make money from home quickly.

On The internet there is an extensive source of online job opportunities, there are creative ways to make money, as well as the common forms that we already know.

Types of online jobs you could even do with no experience, easily.

However, if you already have experience or have previously instructed on these issues I’m sure you will have a lot of success in online work.

Take note of these 10 fabulous ideas on how to make money at home online, to take action at once and you can earn extra money online, with almost no effort and the best thing is that you can be working from home.

Online Investments

How to make money fast online investing: This work implies that you have to have some money to be able to invest in different types of investments either: stocks, real estate, debt securities, currencies and cryptocurrency, commodities, tokens, Derivatives, such as buying and selling options, futures, term contracts, etc.

Being an online investor requires a lot of skill to make precise and timely decisions as we put at stake a sum of money which we run the risk of losing, and we are clear that what we are looking for is make money online, not to lose.

If you are interested in investing online you should look for a lot of information and investigate very well about the type of investment you want, follow closely all the movements of the market for that item, that way you will be calmer that your investment is safe.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

One of the ways to earn money is working from home online as a virtual assistant. Among this category, we can also find customer service agents and call center jobs.

Virtual Assistant Job description for Beginners: In this online job you will have the duty to provide timely assistance. At the general level in the administrative, accounting, sales, etc. areas. Sometimes you will also be asked to prepare schedules and schedule activities and meetings, make reservations in various places such as restaurants flights, hotels, etc.

Client Services

Job Description: This online work, in conjunction with the call center are related or are derived from the work of virtual assistants.

In general, client services representatives work focused on ensuring complete customer satisfaction with the product or service provided by the company.

The customer service adviser must strengthen the customer’s fidelity with the company, so it is important to provide timely and accurate information regarding the products offered by the company and also to suggest to the customer the acquisition of other products and Services that they can take advantage of.

Customer service representatives are responsible for carrying a complete and up-to-date database on the company’s clients, knowing their priorities and their disagreements regarding the products or services of the company they are using.

Virtual Call Center

Call Center Job Description: These people should be agile in answering any concerns about the product or service and making sure the customer is satisfied and happy with their help.

Work from call center jobs in the home It’s no easy task, you have to assume certain responsibilities, for example; Attracting potential customers by telephoning the product or service and talking about their qualities and benefits, you must answer questions as well as address complaints and claims about products and services; To manage the customer’s mind and define the intent of purchase to achieve the company’s business goals.

If you want to make a money online with this type of virtual job you must have some essential features in your personality; A good disposition to answer the phone, patience, kindness, solidarity, to name just a few of them. You will have to treat all the time with people who often won’t be nice to you. So if you have these great qualities you will be a successful Virtual Assistant.

Selling online

With this job of an online salesman, you can earn large sums of money from home.

¿What kind of products can be sold online?

On the internet, you can work selling items of all kinds, but the most out are;

  • Books
  • Software
  • Gaming
  • Online Courses
  • Technological devices (mobile, drones, cameras, laptops, SmartWatch, Tablet, etc.
  • Accessories and equipment for sports and fitness
  • Beauty and Cosmetics Articles
  • All related to pet care
  • Clothing and Apparel Accessories
  • Jewelry.


¿In what sites can you sell online?  

The sites where you can sell your products will depend on the type of product you want to sell. There are places where you can sell varied items and others that are platforms dedicated to a particular type of product.

  • ECommerce platforms; as if you want to create your own personal online store.
  • Online Market multinational corporations; where you can sell with just register and create your stock of products there. We can find many sales sites and online auctions, But the most famous online markets, which provide secure e-commerce for both you and the buyer, are par excellence eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, ThredUp, Tradesy.

5 Successful ways to sell online

1. Dropshipping

It´s an e-commerce model that is very fashionable today and is about selling a product without having it physically or passing directly through your hands.

To be an online salesman focused on this online business, you must first choose a product that is economical and attractive.

Then you have to do a small study of your potential customers, to know if the product is accepted and what will be your segmentation at the time of promoting the article.

The idea of this business is to buy cheap directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler and sell with an added value that leaves a little profit for you.

It works as follows; Buyers make the order and you immediately make the order to drop shipping suppliers by putting the data sent from your customers, they will send the product directly to the buyer and you’ll be the broker who receives the Money for the purchase of the item and who will make the payment to the wholesalers. You’ll obviously get a little profit in between.

2. Retailer

In the online world Everything can be sold and you know, there are even online sales platforms for second-hand products, where, if you’re a bit perceptive you can offer and sell a stock of all your old junk, but in good condition, things you no longer use, you can even help sell things that you no longer use your neighbors, friends or family. In the end, there is a world of possibilities.

3. Make your own Online Store

If you are thinking of becoming an important and recognized seller, with a stable e-commerce where you even want to have your trademark, you need to worry about creating your own online store and that would be great. I can suggest several Web page builders addressed to online stores; WiX, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Volusion, Weebly, etc.

I suggest, review the pros and cons of each of the website builders before making the decision on which of these platforms you create your virtual store. Some of these website builders are free, they are simple to create and manage, however depending on your requirements you have to choose between a free platform or a payment but that gives you more advantages or additional services. Here you can find more information about the most popular E-commerce site builders.

4. Affiliate Programs

This is another way to sell very well known online, in fact, many people work this way and they are excellent. What you have to do is promote third-party products and sell the affiliations by means of a link in exchange you win a commission for that sale. They are usually services with monthly or yearly membership payments.

Affiliate Network also called affiliate marketing programs are a good option in which you can fast money earning is becoming a promoter of a product you know and in which you think it can give profitability when marketed.

Affiliate Marketing Definition:  Affiliate Marketing is the most effective way to promote a product on the Internet, this platform works wonders for publishers and affiliate sites to gain mutual benefits. You only have to choose between the best affiliate programs and join them.

5. Selling Information Products

This prototype of sales is a derivation the marketing of affiliates because they work in the same way but with a different type of product, that what we promote here will be products of information.

In my opinion, the easiest way to make money from home online is by selling info products. The question is to promote and sell ebooks, Video-courses, manuals, etc. These are information products to download, which can be created by yourself for others to promote and sell or you can advertise and sell third-party products thus winning the Commission for sale.

Here the matter is this; There are as we speak these affiliate marketing companies that have registered users who have created good digital products, which are also called affiliate products, in most cases these are courses in PDF or videos that provide some type of information unique and relevant to a specific audience, or even they can also offer a service to sell.

Then these people are looking for agents to sell their products and in return pay a percentage of commission for each sale that is achieved through the Affiliate’s link. Obviously, this Commission encourages publishers to carry out strategies for promoting these products.

On the internet we can find affiliate network very interesting among them Clickbank and affiliate marketing Amazon, let’s say that these are the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, since they are easy to understand, have good payment systems and are the most popular, but there are many other affiliate marketing companies that are excellent to earn money online.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs: JVZoo Clickbank, Amazon, MaxBounty, Wealthy Affiliate, ShareASale.

In this sense, if you have a good presence in social networks or maybe you have been encouraged with the idea already exposed on creating a blog, the affiliate marketing would be one of those ways to monetize your website.

Network Marketing (multi-level Marketing)

Network Marketing is also known as Multi-Level marketing (MLM). Do MLM work? This is a way to generate continuous revenue through the sale of products or services, some people believe that this business model has to do with the pyramid scheme that is currently banned, but far from that, really, what are MLM companies? It’s two things: 1. Sell products and 2. Recruit other members to continue to sell, in the latter you will continue to make money with the sales of the members you have recruited.

The multi-level marketing business model refers to this recruitment of vendors or distributors creates a downline and a hierarchy of levels with multiple degrees of compensation in each one of them.

MLM meaning creates a joint strategy with your work team to sell products and at the same time grow the working group so that everyone generates profits.

It is worth saying that this is not a system of ‘ getting rich quickly ‘. It must work a lot, a marketing tip is to use social networks that are increasingly important to promote and become known massively.

Online Translator Jobs

What do you do and what salary does a freelance translator? If you have the ability to read, write and speak fluently more than one language, this work of freelance translation job online is for you.

You can find many translators online jobs to translate languages like English, French, and even Chinese or Japanese. The more difficult a language is, the more opportunities you will have to get a better salary as translators online which could go from $20-50/Hr.

You can perform online document translator jobs and simultaneous interpreters. Choose the one you prefer.

Data Entry jobs from home

What a data entry worker does is basically the data entry to the computer according to the documents or databases provided by the company.

If you are interested in an online job typing, you should know that it takes a lot of speed and concentration, typing those words in the system you should be aware of not making any mistakes.
This is a freelance type job that has many offers online, as companies always look for people who help to transcribe or digitize all data in one place.

However, it is important that you know that as there are real offers, there are also scams. Usually, a data entry job has a very low salary, so if you find a really tentative offer with a high salary, stop! This could be a trap. Also to develop this type of data entry work you will need more than your computer and due Internet connection, so distrust companies that ask you for some type of tool or additional software you should buy.

If so far you did not know how to make Money from home online without investing anything, this may be the ideal method for you, as well as you can get part time data entry jobs or work for hours.

Blogger or YouTuber Affiliate

Blogging has to do with having a Web site and in it, writing, relevant content for users looking for information on the Internet, being a blog requires dedication, because it is important to keep your audience interested in your topics and always Come back for fresh content.

The way to make money at home online with a blog is simply because having many visitors on your page, there will be companies that want to put their advertising links in.

Revenues will gradually escalate as your site’s credibility grows. So if you have a Content editor, writer and researcher skills are the time to create a blog, I’ll tell you it’s not easy, it’s not fast but the final is gratifying.

How to make money online working as Content editor: If you decide to work as a content editor, it is important that you are a responsible person, able to create unique and relevant texts according to the assigned niche and taking into account the suggestions of the contractor.

You will need to have knowledge about SEO to be able to optimize the articles and that is friendly with the search engines, you must take care of all aspects of the content, this includes in some occasions, design, development, presentation, production, and analysis.

If you’re passionate about videos, you can create a YouTube channel, and if it attracts many visitors, there will be companies that will pay you to put, as in the blog ads with links to their pages or send you products to talk about them in your videos.

Social Media Manager Jobs

Social media marketing is about promoting and promoting right and left an article or service through different social networks, that is to say, that work as a Social Media Manager is to monitor the results of these advertising campaigns. To do this it will be necessary the use of tools or some type of software that facilitates the automation, optimization, and analysis of data.

This work of Social Media Manager is relatively new in relation to other online jobs. It emerged because of the great growth of social networking users in the world, which opened up opportunities for companies to bring their advertising to that large number of people.

The majority of the social networks of the world lend that service to carry out publicity campaigns, and therefore the companies require of personnel that is responsible for revising the correct functioning of the same ones, so they come to hire a community manager. Or some of the social media marketing companies are coming to promote their business effectively.

This is an excellent choice of how to make money from home online, mainly for the Millennials, for those who are stuck all day on social networks is not a job but a fun.


  • If you have mentor skills you can work with mentoring programs online, where you can choose your daily work schedule. Online mentoring is a job that has a demand either by a college or university students who are difficult a topic, or people who are interested in learning something you handle well. Classes are usually given via Skype, but you can also provide a visual material. Students will learn virtually and it is not necessary for any of the parties to go anywhere.
    I share this list of online tutoring companies that offer legitimate online work for tutors.
  • 2u
  • Berlitz
  • Creative English Solutions (Canada)
  • Homework Tutoring
  • Eduwizards • Elementary learning
  • Brainfuse
  • Expert Tutors (Canada)
  • Tutor ABC

Micro Jobs Online

Micro works are similar to the concept of crowdsourcing where companies advertise on a specific project and the idea is to outsource people who contribute the services needed to complete the project

All online work, however small, can give us the opportunity to make profits without leaving home, so we should not underestimate them, there are a lot of sites on the Internet that offer this type of mini works to be completed receive Small amounts of money. When you get to the minimum amount to withdraw they will pay you either cash by PayPal or with bonuses to buy on Amazon or eBay, depending on the payment terms of each page.

In my personal opinion micro jobs online are the fastest way to make money online from home.

Below you will find the types of tasks That usually  show you these pages of micro jobs, usually are simple things:

  • Paid to read email
  • Online Job Postings
  • Earn money by watching videos
  • Watching Ads
  • Evaluated search engines
  • Filling online surveys
  • Completing registration offers
  • Playing with applications
  • Searching the web, referring to your friends
  • Shopping at the App Mall
  • Completing special Offers
  • Voting in daily surveys
  • Finding swag codes participating in fun competitions through social networks

To make money from home easily by doing online tasks, here is a list of best paying micro job sites:

  • Amazon
  • Mechanical Turk ( MTurk )
  • Clickworker
  • Swagbucks
  • Qmee
  • InboxDollar
  • Search tradeIIpoll 
  • Slidejoy
  • Convergys
  • Google Opinion
  • Rewards
  •  InstaEDU &
  • IntelliCare
  • Jingit
  • Sutherland 
  • CloudSource
  • WorkingSolutions.

Independent Services Market

This type of independent work also they are part of the micro-jobs,  only in this case work has to do with professional services such as Graphic design work, programming and technology, marketing Content and SEO, narratives, compositions, music and promotional videos for companies, professional photography, and other online business opportunities.

Depending on the talents you have or your experience, the list can continue whenever you gather your talents with the services or products that others need. Expectant productive ideas are flourishing every day. You just have to know how to focus and be dedicated to what you propose to do.

Most commonly requested as a freelancer are graphic design works from home. As long as you have a computer and software needed, you can simply get your customer instructions, do the design work and send it to the customer for approval by email. You would also work for individuals, webmasters, and companies.
I have shared a list of graphic design companies that offer legitimate work at home:


It is common today that people do not want to take long trips to fulfill a job, so try to get an option that allows them to earn online money, that is safe and constant.

I hope these ways of How to make money from home online that I just presented you give good ideas to open your field in work online. I remind you to be careful with online scams. Not everything is pink on the internet.

Please read these warnings from the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau regarding working from home online.

How to Make Money From Home With These ★10 Interesting Jobs Online 2018
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