If you are looking for information on how to send money with MoneyGram? This 2018 review will provide you with the guidelines and information you need to know how MoneyGram works, how you can send money, and what locations you can find near you. You can also learn about security in your transactions. With this review, you can choose better among your services according to your requirements.

MoneyGram International, Inc., is one of the most popular, especially for its flexibility and practical money transfer companies to send money abroad, is a company that has been in the market for approximately 78 years, has extensive experience in relation to remittances and payments at the national level, as well as abroad. MoneyGram has a broad sense of human quality, it is a company that has carried out many social actions throughout the world through its foundation.


How does MoneyGram work to send money?

Basically, this company makes a monetary movement from one place to another, it works as a money sending system or also as an online payment system for goods or services.

Recently I have been looking for reliable and fast alternatives to send money, and I tested the effectiveness of the MoneyGram service. On a general level, this is how Moneygram works:

  1. The user delivers the money, through a window or online, according to the way he has chosen to send the money.
  2. Moneygram receives the money and makes the corresponding payment to its recipient.
  3. The money reaches the recipient: also according to the user’s preferences, it can be received in cash, in his bank account or in the MoneyGram wallet.

MoneyGram Online – Transfer of money to a bank account

With MoneyGram, making a transfer of money to a bank account is an easy and safe operation, the electronic money moves quickly, that way you are sure that the recipient will receive your transfer instantly, either in your electronic wallet or in your bank account.

Moving money from one bank to another electronically is a matter of minutes.

To transfer money with MoneyGram online, you only need 1. Register your bank account information and 2. Record the data of the transfer recipient.

Transferring money from your bank account is usually quick, free and safer than withdrawing and paying in cash.

The MoneyGram company, like Western Union, gives the customer the ability to receive and send money without a bank account. This is a great benefit because many people currently do not have a bank account and rely on the services provided by the company to receive money from family or friends in other countries.

The delay in receiving the money depends on the medium used for the shipment, for example: if you make a money transfer online, the recipient receives it in hours or minutes, but if you go and send it through the kiosks or points from Physical shipping agencies can take from 1 to 3 days.

When you send money in person, that is, directly to a MoneyGram office, in the cashier’s window you can deliver the money in cash or use your debit or credit card. You could also have previously made a bank transfer or a shipment under control, but that way the transaction would be delayed a little longer. In this case, I would prefer to carry cash.

To send money to the Application or through Moneygram online, you must add or associate any of your cards or a bank account from which the money will be debited. In another post, I will talk more about how to make a money transfer step by step with the MoneyGram application.

Let’s learn the modalities of how to send money with MoneyGram.

MoneyGram Services

The money transfer company MoneyGram offers several services. According to your requirement:

– Send money
– Receive money
– Pay
bills – Transfers to national and international bank accounts.
– Charge prepaid cards
– Payments for medical care
– Recharge mobile phones.

You can choose a mode to send money through MoneyGram using the following facilities or resources:

  • Website platform: you can use the desktop platform to send money online to a bank account or mobile wallet, also from there you can pay an invoice, recharge mobile phones, send money to an inmate, etc.
  • Locate the point closest to you; This could be a kiosk / CVS Pharmacy / MoneyGram Xpress / Walmart / authorized retail stores / international postal offices / financial institutions. From any of these locations, you can send money in person.
  • MoneyGram application: to transfer money to your iOS, Android or iPhone mobile phone, simply download the application to transfer phone calls to MobilePass / MoneyGram Sendbot.

Once the mode is chosen, you can choose from several payment methods that MoneyGram accepts.

MoneyGram currently receives almost any type of payment, even the company is considering handling digital currencies, the so-called cryptocurrency like the Ripple. This is one of the latest MoneyGram news that is very hot; that MoneyGram is making some agreements with the Blockchain company. This would be a modernization of the company in terms of sending and receiving funds in other non-traditional payment systems since the digital world moves us more and more to the use of the cryptocurrency.

MoneyGram Locations

  • EE.UU
  • Mexico
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Guatemala
  • Jamaica
  • Nigeria
  • Thailand
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • Qatar
  • Korea
  • Kenya
  • Zimbabwe
  • Denmark
  • Zambia

The international money order company operates mainly in the United States. However, today it has authorized agents in several cities around the world. It is almost impossible to get MoneyGram locations near me, your points of attention are everywhere; MoneyGram Express is easily accessible, it is also possible that the corner kiosk has a MoneyGram service, in almost any CVS pharmacy you can find a money transfer service, finally WalMart has also joined forces with MoneyGram to offer efficient money transfer services and its customers.

In summary, its offices have been extended internationally and already has almost 350,000 agencies worldwide.


MoneyGram Security

Personally, every time I make any type of financial transaction through MoneyGram, I have the best support and confidence that my money will reach its destination.

MoneyGram offers us the possibility of tracking the transfer through the MoneyGram service tracking transfer, which, through the payment order number, allows us to find the state in which our shipment is located and to know with certainty the time of delay in the delivery, as well as notify us when the recipient withdraws the money.

It is important that you follow the company’s recommendations to send money to strangers or for purposes that do not have clear knowledge. It is possible that they deceive you to send money and then send it when you realize that the scam will be impossible to recover.

Online level, many times people feel mistrust when entering their data on the platform because they fear that they may deviate and fall into unscrupulous hands leading to misuse of their data, however, the company emphasized security in terms of information protection personnel such as card numbers, bank account numbers and other confidential information. MoneyGram has a very advanced system that keeps the most valuable data safe from the public, which makes data theft impossible.

Also in terms of in-person shipping, an integral internal control was also carried out to guarantee the identities of those who send and receive money, because as we said before, it is possible that there is a fraud situation, and it is better to take precautions and to detect them In time to save the customer money.

I have been making money through MoneyGram and I can assure you that it is a highly responsible company that always seeks the welfare and safety of users.

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