Money transfer agencies | RIA, Another way to transfer money abroad

Do you need to send money on the other side of the world to your loved one’s, family, and friends? With Ria money transfer agencies, they can do it. They have been circulating money abroad in an efficient, fast and secure way for more than 25 years. Its services of international bank money transfer agencies have around 321,000 points of payments in 146 countries.

Simply to make a transfer you must have the Internet and decide if you want to send the money as a transfer through your bank account, or if you prefer to send it for your credit or debit card. If you choose your bank account you will get lower price benefits. Or if you prefer to use your debit or credit card, they will give you the speed benefits. Money transfers made by credit or debit card arrive at your destination in minutes.

With easy payment option RIA Money transfer agencies

With International bank transfer services, they make getting money to be a very easy thing. The benefit is that you can withdraw cash very quickly from any of the points of RIA money transfer agencies around the world and if you want you can deposit your money to your bank account. Certain countries offer the service of domicile, so that receiver can receive the money from their house or work.

No more crowded places and long lines

They facilitate the connection from a device, mobile, computer or tablet having the comfort of your work or home, you can forget to make long lines or headaches by people, with this method your international money transfer will be on the way, with Ria is that easy, the goal of them is to make your money transfer always reach your destination always and on time.

With RIA Money agencies you can make online shipments.

It’s super simple to use your phone, computer or tablet to send the money.
Steps to perform the send:


  • You must say where the destination is and how much money you want to send. Since they have a huge payment network and offices in more than 146 countries.
  • You must choose the way you sent the funds.
  • Has different shipping modes vary in price and speed can choose between withdrawal of cash, a bank account or depending on destination, domiciled to the recipient. Choosing the best method that fits your needs.
  • Set up your free account. They use an identity verification process to ensure that only you access your information. This is for your safety.
  • The method of payment; Enter the payment method, you can pay with your bank account, online or credit or debit card. The different payment methods are influenced by the price and cost of the transfer. This way you choose the option that is best for you.
  • You must confirm: first you must be sure that all the data is correct, they will take that and they are going to inform you when the money is swallowed. With the agencies transfer of money, RIA can track down the process.
  • What is the time delay?
  • The fastest way is by debit or credit card, the duration time is about 15 minutes. However, if you wish to send the money on the bank account, the delay time is 4 working days from the moment the micro deposit is verified by RIA in the bank account. Since it takes the time to verify the funds and their availability in the bank account.
  • Delivery of money At home depends on the schedules of money transfer agencies or the carrier. Usually, these home retreats are available on the same day.
You should be aware that if one of your transfers is marked for a review, the time to be processed will be much more. This period includes:
  • Since security is a priority, the first thing they do is a review, as they verify that all transfers are true.
  •  Time may vary by bank
Money transfer agencies | RIA, Another way to transfer money abroad
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