Send money by phone, know the number of options and companies that work with the phone to send money.

Send money by  phone is a tool that makes it easier for the company to make transactions and payments without having to go to a bank or agency, many companies embraced this modality of transferring money from the phone that is not fashionable to create a virtual market that day by day is giving what to talk about the growth that it has.


Send money by phone to the  Send money through America’s mobile phone bank.


Send money by phone  It’s a way to make it easier for friends and family to get the money they need, with this innovation of sending money with the phone number, it allows people to make quick payments, such as paying the babysitter, dividing a restorer’s account, sending a little money to the dog walker among other activities that are small but sometimes do not get into trouble.

This way you can pay a fee to send money Footnote1 and your payment be sure by online Banking security guarantee.


  • How to send money from the phone via email and mobile transfers you only need to register on the bank that is online, select the option to transfer money to someone, email address or send to a phone number.
  • Then you must select the destination you want to send money to the phone or an email, then complete the information, as it is for security, ask for a card number or anything else that identifies it.
  • When to send money by phone You and the destination will receive the transaction information by a text message telling you that you will send money from phone to phone or email to the transaction confirmation.
  • Select your recipient, add the amount you would like to send, confirm that everything looks good and select transfer. Already when the phone number is registered in online banking to that number will get all the security information where it tells them that someone is trying to send money.

Send money to the inmate on the phone with JPay.


With JPay you are allowed to send money over the phone to an inmate or the funds that the prisoner needs.

Send money through the phone number with JPay you and your family can be sure your family member in prison will receive the sent funds you need to buy things inside the prison.

Sending money through the phone makes transfers faster and safer, as they can be made at your convenience with the phone or if you want with the computer, you can also send with MoneyGram agent locators nationwide and with JPay send money by phone is easy.


Send money over phone MoneyGram.


You can recharge the phone bills with MoneyGram send telephone number of the money you want to make it reach the person, this service is in more than 100 countries. Counting on more than 350 mobile carriers who are responsible for to send money by phone with MoneyGram, as it is a simple and affordable recharge and it is super easy to make this transaction.


Online phone recharge is very fast:

These are three very simple steps:

  1. Use the online recharge service.
  2. You must search for the mobile provider or receive the MoneyGram code.
  3. Enter all data:
  • With your debit page the total including the booking fee.
  • Send money to a cell phone.
  • And ready the process will take a few minutes.

Send money by Western Union phone.


Since you lack the time and need to make a money sent, you can grab your phone and send money on the phone only with a call to the free Western Union number. They will very kindly be at your disposal to help you and make your homework a little easier.


Sending money through the phone makes it arrive in minutes when you need to send money quickly you can use the money at MINUTOS1. And this allows you to send that money to the United States.


  • They have a public number you can call and talk to your agent.
  • Pay with the card issued by the U.S. credit or debit bank
  • Sending money through the Western Union phone is easier than it seems.

send money by phone

Send money to PayPal phone number

 Receiving and sending funds with PayPal can be done in a safe way. You can use it to make bank transfers, send money to the phone, transferences to credit cards. You also have the possibility to have an email or with the phone number to make money yourself or others, the person who sends the money must have an account in PayPal, mail or phone number so you can use this service.


Send money by phone, know the number of options and companies that work with the phone to send money.
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