How to send money facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger already allows you to send money Facebook Messenger to your friends.  
Yes. It is possible to send money and receive it from Messenger, but you should know that the payments on the app require a debit card at both ends of the transaction. However, the service is free and provides protection based on personal identification number or PIN and an “industry-leading security” level, according to Facebook.  

No, we do not recommend that you install Facebook Messenger on your mobile device, but we know that there are a few brave ones who use this app to communicate, so this is for you. Messenger has long been receiving updates and innovations, which, while making it slower and heavier, add some value.
Today we talk about payments within the application for Facebook Messenger groups, send money Facebook a function that can be quite interesting and has caught our attention.

send money Facebook k Messenger adds in-app payments to groups

Facebook Messenger already allows you to pay your friends if you have them in a group. For almost two years, person-to-person payments are available on Facebook, and now the application wants to expand this feature to groups.
Send money Facebook group The way it works is the same, you just have to click on the payment icon. This is after pressing the “plus” sign in the lower left corner of Messenger. There you will find a drop-down menu that allows you to access this group payments option, quite simple as you can see.
This way, you can Send money Facebook friends and apply for payments within a group, you just have to select the amount of money. Moreover, the application divides the money between the number of members of the group, if you have to make accounts among all. This can be an easy and fast alternative to PayPal, although at least in our country, we know that it is not too much used.
The service named as group payments is now available in some of the users of the United States, where once they enter the Facebook application Messenger, in any of the groups you have, you can ask for money from any of the members.

On the other hand, Facebook ensures hat the system is something very simple to use as we have just seen, and it is totally safe. Thus, it ends any possible rumor or skepticism on the part of the client when using this new functionality in the application.
Finally, we only have to see how the user starts to use this functionality, and if you stop using third-party applications to perform this type of transactions between acquaintances. In addition, we stay with the desire and waiting to see if Facebook will be encouraged to get into the payment card in stores through their application.

How do I receive or send money messenger?

Well, we have a situation; A friend needs you a little help to pay something, he asks you to loan him 20 dollars but you only have the mobile at hand. You see it and. ..! You say, “If I could just use it to save my friend.” Oooh wait, if you can help you can use the Facebook application to send Money Messenger and that $20 will reach your friend to solve the situation, you can also send to 500. It all depends on your goodwill.
First of all add a debit card issued by an American bank to your account and install the latest version of Messenger. Once you add a card, you can create a pin to increase security The next time you send money.

To send money:

1. Send a message to the person you want to send money to.
2. Touch.
3. Touch and specify the amount you want to send.
4. Play pay.
To receive money:
1. Open the conversation that contains the money.
2. Touch Add card in the conversation and add the debit card to receive money.
Keep in mind that your bank can take up to three working days to put the money at your disposal.
How to send money facebook messenger
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