Send money order with USPS

Send money order is a safe and reliable form of payment as they are relatively very practical and are found and accepted everywhere.

Now, what is it or what is a money order?

The money order is a method they use to pay in a safe and reliable way. Since they are very easy to acquire and practical anywhere and best of all, they are a great way to send cash and never win.

How can you send a money order with USPS and where do you get the spins? You must go to the Post office there you can buy a specific amount; Since this will have a valid form of payment, it is possible to replace a turn in case of loss or theft.

Send money order with USPS How to send Postal money order with USPS

Note that you can buy the money orders where a post office location is located. With this company you can send about $1.000 destined within the United States. You must pay your money order in cash, with traveler’s checks or debit card. how to send money order to inmate with USPS has a small rate.

Detect a fake money order

You must check the dollar amount.
  •  The amount is discolored, in some cases delete it, this is a sign that the Giro is false.
  • They print the dollar amount twice.
  •  When the value of the domestic rotation is greater than $1.000, since the maximum value is $1.000.
  •  When the international value exceeds more than $700.

Send international postal order with USP

  • Analyze and examine the paper
  • Place the postal turn against the light.
  • You should see:
  1. The image of Ben Franklin with watermarks on the left side of the top down.
  2.  The USPS letters on a multi-colored string that comes out and enters the water mark right with the image of Ben Franklin “

Replace damaged or lost postal turns.

  1. Replace the lost or stolen money order and this has a cost of $5.95.
  2.  Check the postal order in your USPS Post Office to submit and complete the PS form
  3.  Once the submission of the form has been made, you must search for the number of the money Order series in a list of missing postcards.
  4.  It will be replaced after the state of your money order has been completed.

Send money orders with USPS from 1 to 3 business days

With shipments of 1.2 or 3 business days get more for your money. It all depends on where the package is sent to where it will go. Fixed-rate options or varieties eliminate the need to weigh your items up to 70 pounds.

They also have standard shipments lasting between 2 to 8 business days

This service is given when deliveries are not needed so urgently, it is an economical and reliable land shipment where you can send very large packages.
  1.  The day of delivery or the scheduled date depends on the destination, origin and time of delivery of the Giro.
  2. The expected delivery date does not include a refund grarantia, as most cases as the date provided on your payment receipt reflects for 1.2 or 3 business days depending on the destination, origin and the time it is left.
  3.  As for the international turns the punctuality can be affected because they have low transport availability. Then outside the United States is a little slow delivery of these turns. .
USPS has specific areas for prices and weights for zones 5 to 9 is up to 70 lbs. And the same is for zones 1 to 4, it is and are for dangerous shipments, live animals, or otos items that by their delicate care must be sent by land. USPS Retail ground has a high availability for Onas 1 to 9, up to 70 lbs, when the measurement is exceeded by 108 inches, but this does not exceed 130 inch length and changed contours.
Send money order with USPS
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