Send money services with WorldRemit

It is an online service that allows people from all over the world to send money to their most loved ones who are in the abroad. WorldRemit is currently available for shipping in 50 countries. Send money services with WorldRemit you can do it for your bank accounts or mobile purses, like cash to be withdrawn by the window. Also, the ditch with balance refills housewives from 120 countries around the world.


Send money services with WorldRemit is a very low-cost option compared to other money transfer services.

Being able to use a Web page or mobile application makes it really convenient to send money from anywhere you find yourself and avoid going to a bank office and making long lines.

Send Money services with WorldRemit is all online

It is already known as the WhatsApp of got, since its function is especially on mobile devices.
  • • Regarding shipping, WorldRemit allows customers to send their money through their mobile devices because they have an application, which is available for Android as well as iOS.
  • • Regarding the receipt of money: WolldRemit They hand over the payments to mobile purses, as this helps to promote the financial inclusion of the populations that do not have a bank network or as for the recharge of international balance. Considering that a third quarter of the transfer made through WorldRemit is received by mobile phones, the main objective of the company is to become the number one leader of remittance shipments by mobile purses.
Pros and cons
  1. It has a large number of countries and payment network
  2. The system on the mobile works perfectly both to receive the money and to send it.
  3. It is a very low-cost option to large shipping companies or bank transfers
  1. Not always their tariffs are the most economical for the transfers of large quantities.
  2. For some countries, you can only recharge money.

Sending money services with WolrdRemit is safe

The headquarters of WolrdRemit is located in the United Kingdom, where it is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the provision of payment services. Also, operate in the United States.

Can you trust my money to WorldRemit?

Send Money services with WorldRemit

WorldRemit is headquartered in the United Kingdom, where it is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the provision of payment services. It also operates and is regulated in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
They impose very strict regulations for the users and prevent them from frauds so them their funds in the case that for some reason the company faces financial problems. Australia and Canada.
Send Money services with WorldRemit your Web page and your application are completely secure as they have the 256-bit SSL certificate with a 2048-bit signature.

How WorldRemit Works

  1. You must first select the country where you want to send the money. As this determines the ways of payment.
  2. Second, you must put the amount of money you will send and the way in which the destination will receive the money. Change rates vary depending on the method of payment and fncion of the amount.
  3. Name and address of the destination must be delivered to WorldRemit.
  4. You must pay the amount of your transfer by means of a payment method that you choose. Also with the possibility of choosing between using credit or debit card, using an online payment service or making bank transfers
  5. You will receive a YU notification and the destination when the money is on the way, by means of a text message or email this is on the face of the process.

Methods of payment Waorldremit

  • • Deposits to bank accounts
If you want to select that method of payment, the money will be sent to the bank account of the destination.
  • • Payment by Window
With this method, the money you send will be available to withdraw in cash in a local that is associated with WorldRemit.
  • • Using a mobile purse
Allows you to send money to a mobile purse like Vodafone M-Pesa, MTN, Tigo, Globe Cash, Airtel, mobile money, with these companies will be the money available anywhere and time
  • • Balance Refills
You can make transfers to other phones, doing by SMS or calls.
Send money services with WorldRemit
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