Send Money to an Inmate in 3 steps

To do a good deed is to want to send money to an inmate. In a certain way, it is a duty as a member of that person’s family or friend. Regardless of the reasons that led you there, the best thing you can do to help the person while you are detained is to be certain that this person can cover some necessary expenses within the penitentiary, both for him and for you. very reassuring

Having a relative or close friend in a detention center is truly sad. I realized this guide has for the purpose of publicizing the ways of how to send money to an inmate. When they told me that my best friend had been imprisoned, I was frozen and did not know what to do. Without going into details about that event, I decided to look for the facilities where I was a prisoner, so I used the services of an inmate locator in California to find a way to talk to my friend and know how he was. After seeing it, I looked up all the options available to know what was the best way to add money to an inmate.

Send money to the Inmate in County Jail,  State, and Federal Facilities

Although in some prisons in the country, the prisoner has the possibility of working to cover his own expenses, it is possible that he earned it for the job is not enough.
So sometimes your family or friends want to help you, sending money online to the prisoner, so that supplement with your expenses.


It is possible to send money to an inmate using the money-sending services provided by companies such as MoneyGram, who together with  Jpay makes it possible for this transaction to take place in a secure manner. Also, Western Union offers a very good service in terms of sending money to inmates

Step 1: Find an Inmate

To be able to deposit money for inmate online, first, you need to:

  • With the names and identification of the person looks for the number of CDCR of a prisoner that has corresponded to him. You do this using the  Inmate Locator.
  • Once we get the number of CDCR we must determine which installation is the inmate, for this we will go to the next page of the Facility Locator.


Step 2:  Choose the way to Send Money to an Inmate

We will choose the way we send the money, we have 4 options:

  • Lock Box
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Mail funds directly to the institution:
  • Make a commissary Order / Inmate commissary deposit

Look Box – Send Money to an Inmate

BOP  Federal Bureau of Prisons provide this service without any cost, the waiting time is much less than sending money through the money order. Cashier’s check or staff.


EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) -Deposit Money for Inmate Online 

Consists of a transfer of funds or make a deposit money for inmate account online, it is the fastest and easiest option since the funds are accounted for in the inmate accounts within 1 to 3 days.

With money transfer and wire services, you can send cash to an inmate who is in a state jail or in a federal prison.


Inmate Commissary Deposit – Inmate Deposit

Some state prisons and federal prisons have centralized banking systems. They usually allow you to deposit cash through a kiosk or lobby.

To send money to an inmate under a commissary order, first, you must know exactly which facility and which of the states the prisoner is in. Obviously, it is also necessary to have on hand its identification and the name of the inmate. security deposit

You can make an order inmate commissary online using debit or credit card. and easily send money to a store that is inside the penitentiary center.


Inmate commissary deposit to a prisoner varies from one state to another, it also depends if it is a federal prison or prison. But it is important to emphasize that whatever the way you send the money, as long as you have completed the internal data correctly, you can be calm that the money reaches your hands, however, situations have been presented that For having written so is an incorrect number, the money is not delivered, in that case the money rests in a security deposit, while the inconvenience is solved.


Mail Funds Directly to the Institution | Inmate Funds

They also accept money orders, which must be marked with the address and email of the institution, along with the name of the inmate, already some states have been changing to an electronic banking, as it is more accessible allows the loved ones to send the fund by line, as a transfer of money to the inmate and some departments are considering favorable this way of sending, because as far as work is less and more reliable.


Step 3: Choose How to Send Money to an Inmate 

Western Union – Inmate

How to Send money to inmate Western Union?

Western Union Inmate Service provides to send money to an inmate online is very quick and easy to perform.
Before filling out the online money remittance form you have to do two  things:
  1. First of all, we must be registered on the website and have added our payment methods whether debit cards, credit card or bank account.
  2. We must have names, surnames and the inmate number to whom we are going to send the money, it is important to make sure that it is the correct number so that there will be no delays later.

After that we will proceed to fill out the form that is shown in the image:


We will fill in the following fields:



In this field, we will choose the penitentiary or the prison where the person to whom we are going to send the money is confined.
We can choose between all these:



In the next field, we will place the amount of the shipment. 

We must bear in mind that a fee will be established on this amount, which corresponds to the Fees for sending money To inmate Western Union.

Amount to send  Fee:

$1.00   To  $30.00 = $3.95

$30.01 To $75.00 = $6.95

$75.01 To $200.00 = $8.95

$200.01 To $300.00=$9.95


In the next field, we put the first name of the inmate



The field in front is for the surname of the inmate.



In the field below we will put the inmate number.



And in the field opposite again we will put the surname of the inmate.


When you continue, you will request the confirmation of data where we can verify if everything is correct and finally we will choose the form of payment that we have already registered, in case we have not registered, this may be a good time to do so.
At the end of the system, he will issue a receipt.

In general, this would be the whole process of sending money to federal inmate western union.


MoneyGram – Inmate

How do I send a MoneyGram to an inmate?


With MoneyGram you can finance:

  • You increase the inmate commissary account balance for what your loved one to keep it always provided with your essential items, so this inside a jail, you have the right to have the dignity. With this simple gesture as it adds money to an inmate account or put money on phone for the inmate, you’re telling him that if you care and you also support him, so that this person feels valued and has the strength and will to overcome himself.

Usually, the added funds are delayed from 1 to 2 working days.

  • Put money on phone for inmate so you can make calls from the penitentiary is a gesture of affection that most likely your friend or family will thank you.
    Through Securus finance the call account of an inmate who is in any federal, state, and County Correctional Facility.
    Funds are usually sent to an inmate’s account within 1-2 business days.


Order inmate commissary online and  finance an inmate’s account with MoneyGram, the main thing is to have the following information:

Names and surnames of the inmate as well as having obtained the corrective identification number and verifying that it is correct.
Name of the detention center where you are located. Also with the facility code, you can make the transaction.

Make your payment: If you are registered with MoneyGram online and have added any form of payment, feel free to enter the MoneyGram platform and follow the steps. If you do not want to ship from your computer but in a personal way, you can go to any MoneyGram agency and ask for money to be sent to an inmate. A specialized agent will kindly help you fill out the shipping order. There you can pay in cash, with a debit card or credit card.


MoneyGram is authorized to send money to inmates at the county, state, and federal facilities:

  •  Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice • Florida Department of Corrections
  • California Department of Corrections

Put money in inmate account with MoneyGram because it is a service
Fast, convenient and reliable.


JPay Inmate

You can send money with JPay App to the inmate: with this company, you can be sure that the money will arrive, send money to prison is very easy.

You work by means of transfers that you can make from the comfort of your home, with your phone, the computer also transfer with MoneyGram who works in conjunction with JPay nationwide.

In most cases, the money is available the next day. It has advantages that accept credit cards.


Send  inmate money online in County Jail, State, and Federal Facilities. 3 steps to make a deposit money for inmate online. How to send money to the inmate using MoneyGram, Western Union or JPay.

The recommendations for sending money by JPay are the same as we saw earlier with MoneyGram and Western Union, we emphasize that you must ensure that inmate data is correct at the moment or insert them into the form.

Jpay is a money-sending company that has many years providing service for sending funds to prison inmates and jails nationwide.

The best thing is that as it has an easy app, you can send money from your phone in the place where you are.

Jpay says you have a system faster than your competition ensuring that the money will arrive the next day of shipment.

Setting up an account is easy and free, and Summit County Jail Inmate services the rates for sending money are low and competitive according to the state or location of the inmate.

You can send funds to your loved ones in federal prison (BOP) but keep in mind that the availability of payment varies according to the agency and the depositor verification.

Inmate trust fund gives you the confidence and assurance that the money transfer process is fluid, transparent and timely, both for you and your loved one incarcerated. Whether you are financing a Commissioner’s trust account or “expendable” or a specific purpose account, your inmate will be able to access that money quickly. Recurring payments are available, and you can send money to several inmates where it is allowed.


JPay  inmate account balance, also provides a quick and easy way to send money using a postal order. For many facilities and agencies, you can send a money order directly to the JPay Money orders Lockbox, where it will be processed electronically.

Inmate services that Jpay provides

  • Jpay inmate care packages it is safe and versatile. Shipping all over the country. 
  • County jail visitation
  • County jail inmate search
  • Free stamps for jpay
  • Email an inmate for free
  • Video Visitation
  • Jpay Tablet .  Jp5 Tablet and JP56 mini


Why send money to an inmate?


For anyone it is easy to be in prison, to see it clearly notice it repented, told me that life in the penitentiary is hard and punishing. They, like any person, have to supply their needs in some way, even when they are there, they have to pay for some extra things, in a certain way to be a little more comfortable


What products or things can an inmate buy inside the prison? Commissary sells to inmates a variety of products they can buy with their own funds, this sheriff or some sell items such as food, snacks, clothing, shoes, and personal grooming products such as shampoo, razors and soap Body. In addition to all this, this store has the sale of books, radio magazines, televisions and cards that allow this inmate to distract the mind and occupy it, one of the most important thing is that the curator or the store of inmates sell them to paper, stamps, and envelopes for the inmate to write letters to make them reach the relatives, sometimes they write to the prisoners but for the lack of money and for not being able to pay the paper and the stamps are not made to him. They also do something called the day of the Commissioner and those who do not have money in their inmate accounts cannot enjoy such an event.



Send Money to an Inmate in 3 steps
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