Send money to inmate | reasons you should know to send

Send money to inmate | reasons you should know to send
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Send money to inmate must know the reasons first it is advisable to know, in it is spent or that needs have inside the prison that make it urge of money, this guide has as purpose to make know so that to send that money to the accounts of inmates.

To send money to inmate first you must know that he is a Commissioner?

Send money to inmate consists of a store that is inside the penitentiary center, that sells to inmates a variety of products they can buy with their own funds, this curator or some sell items such as food, snacks, clothing, shoes, personal grooming products such as shampoo, razors and body soap. Apart from all this shop has the sale of books, radio magazines, televisions and cards that allow this inmate to distract the mind and occupy it, one of the most important things is that the curator or shop of the inmates sell to them, paper, stamp and envelopes for the inmate to write letters in order to make them reach the relatives , sometimes they write to the inmates but for the lack of money and not being able to pay the paper and the stamps are not made to him. They also do something called the Commissioner's Day and those who do not have money in their inmate accounts cannot enjoy such an event.

There are three ways for an inmate to obtain money.
  1.  It is that the prisoner works within an institution and thus has money in his or her inmate account, with at least a minimum wage.
  2.  If the inmate has any inheritance, legal settlement, or trustee.
  3.  It is the transfer of money for inmates who make friends or family.

How to send money to inmate.

How to send money to a prisoner varies from one state to another, it also depends if it is a federal prison or prison.
Some state prisons and federal prisons have centralized banking systems. They usually allow you to deposit cash through a kiosk or lobby. They also accept money orders, which must be marked with the address and email of the institution, along with the name of the inmate, already some states have been changing to an electronic banking, as it is more accessible allows the loved ones to send the fund by line, as a transfer of money to the inmate and some departments are considering favorable this way of sending, because as far as work is less and more reliable.
Whatever your method of sending money to jail, you have to follow some important parameters. That you need to know.
  • • Location of the prisoners
  • • Inmate's identification number
  • • Full name of inmate

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Ways to send money to the inmate

  1.  Money transfers for inmates: consists of a transfer of funds, it is the fastest and easiest option, since the funds are accounted for in the inmate accounts within 1 to 3 days.
  2.  Through the safe: they provide this service without any cost, the waiting time is much less than sending money through the money order. Cashier's check or staff.
  3.  Directly funds to the institution, send money imprisonment without any fee, all funds are subject to a retention of 30 days, minus the certified funds. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation must be made payable to all negotiable instruments. Sender's data must be written in the letter of order, cheques, and money along with the name of the inmates. It should be taken into account that if the name of the sender is not in the negotiable instrument letter, it will be considered contraband and therefore not deposited in the inmate accounts. According to the regulated of the California law.

Reasons to send money to the inmate

Send money to inmate or send money to prison, these funds are earmarked for discretionary expenses, this money sent to prison, which is for the use of inmate and is subject to administrative charges and refunds.
Send money to inmate has a refund payment. It may be for a direct order for a parole or payment of a refund, you must contact your agent to explain the information to you. When the payment is for the inmate, he should contact his counselor and inform himself.

Send money to  inmate with some companies

You can send money with JPay to the inmate: with this company, you can be sure that the money will arrive, send money to prison is very easy.
You work by means of transfers that you can make from the comfort of your home, with your phone, the computer also transfer with MoneyGram who works in conjunction with JPay nationwide.
In most cases, the money is available the next day. It has advantages that accept credit cards.
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