Send Money to Nigeria | Meet some of the companies you can send money to Nigeria.

Send money to Nigeria can be done with every company that has money transfer to Nigeria, these companies have a charge of the costs in advance, with the exchange rate that you handle to pay the saw abroad already, send money to Kenya, send money to Ghana and send money to Nigeria from USA it is possible to send money to Nigeria, it can also be done from Canada, UK, Western Europe and Australia. You should keep in mind that percentage fees are costly and sometimes some costs are hidden.


By sending you $1,000 from the United States to Nigeria via transfer, you must pay 97 dollars in hidden conversion costs, the benefits of this are that it will limit the loss of money transfers.


The central bank of Nigeria was compromised to implement all necessary means that are indispensable, whether by convention or otherwise, in order to ensure economic prosperity in Nigeria.
Nigeria’s central bank suddenly shifts its policies toward online money transfer operators, blocking many services used by Nigerians to send Nigeria and from the country. This decision was taken in order to take care of the security of the nation as unhealthy activities were being presented by some international money transfer operators who did not have a license.

The methods used by Time Doctor to make money transferring money outside Nigeria.


They have a team of remote staff around 19 countries in the world, Cuetan with two methods of how to send money to Nigeria.
  • Transferring money outside Nigeria: It has a very low cost and its method is very simple to send money to this country.
  •  The Payoneer method: it is advisable because you can receive and send money, this method works in almost every country in the world to receive the money on your debit card and withdraw it from an ATM. You can also with this method make a direct transfer to the receiver’s account. And one of the most interesting benefits is that they give you a bonus of $50 if you receive more $100 for this method.

Send money to Nigeria

Send money to Nigeria in a fast and safe way is also with Ria


The shipping more than fast makes it safe, they take very seriously the security of your money. For this reason, it has a team of people who work 24/7 for the security when to send money to Nigeria. Ensuring that send money to Nigeria online remains in the right hands.
Not only is the money sent quickly, it’s also safe. We take the security of your money very seriously. That’s why our security team works 24/7, ensuring that your money transfer to Nigeria remains in the right hands.

With coverage to send money to Ghana


 From Accra to Tamal and almost all parties, money transfers Ria make send money to Ghana is very easy.

The payment has several options: With the money transfers Ria. It became very easy to make money transfer out of Nigeria in a safe and fast way and have the ability to make any of the 350 locations in Ghana. You must decide how you want to pay by to send money to Nigeria with credit card, debit or bank account, just taking that choice your money is on the way and will be to the truthful.


The reception method is chosen by your friend or family member who will receive the money in Ghana or Nigeria:
  1. You can receive it in cash. Looking for the location.
  2. Directly deposited to the bank account.
  3. Using Ria your family and friends in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya can decide how they want to receive that shipment you are making by to send money to Nigeria from USA.
You can when to send money to Nigeria with credit card This paying the shipping you can do it this way if you want.

To Send money to Nigeria online is very easy:

How to send money to Nigeria online you can do it using your cell phone, computer or tablet and ready with the application can achieve it.

With everything and restrictions if people in Nigeria may receive your help, as it is a country you need, your family and friends who are there will thank you.


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Send Money to Nigeria | Meet some of the companies you can send money to Nigeria.
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