Send money to Philippines with Xendpay

If you want to know how to send money to the Philippines you should be aware that there are countless ways to send it, although it can be overwhelming the first time you analyze all the ways to send the money to the Philippines, but it is all about analyzing and choosing the one that conforms to your needs.

Options how to send money to the Philippines

  •  If you are sending money to a bank account in the Philippines, such as Asia United Bank of Philippine Bank of communications You can do so from any bank in your country where it resides
This method can be very convenient as well as the one that is paying high costs without the need for that service.
This tends to happen because banks offer a very uncompetitive exchange rate, out of that charging a transfer fee, and this thus deducting the amount of money sent to the Philippines.
  •  Another form of shipping would be a money transfer agency, as they are easy to find anywhere in the world and usually offer easy and fast shipping ways to send the money to PhilippinesSend money to Philippines with Xendpay, and more than anything when the destination does not have a bank account.
  •  Most money delivery costs. The agencies must be very regulated and their commissions are 10% and 15% of the amount to be transferred. Which would be a lot of money if you want to send in a regular way.
  • The most recommended and available option is to use a vendor that specializes in currency exchange as Xendpay as it can save much of your money by making transfers to the Philippines. It has an online service of 24 hours a day.
To start sending money, you must open an account at Xendpay is for free, there you will discover the ways to save.

The best solution to send money to Philippines is Xendpay.

Xendpay with your online platform, sending money to your family and friends living in the Philippines is now an affordable and simple way. Xendpay how much with the transfer rates and lower rates of exchange.

Benefits of using Xendpay services

Since Xendpay is specialized in online currency transfers, offering the best transfer rates and exchange rate. Because change houses and banks break very high rates, and exchange rates are uncompetitive.
With the new online platform, you will no longer waste your time making bold transfers from your bank account, and with Xendpay’s online platform you can quickly If you want to know how to send money to Philippines you should be aware that there are countless ways to send it, although it can be overwhelming the first and the beneficiary will receive the funds in two business days. It will take minutes to create a Xendpay account, you can do it 24 hours the 7 days Date of your website.

Want to send money to the Philippines with Xendpay today?

Xendpay has an uncompromising use and free registration.
Your transfer rates are tailored to each of your customers and the services are the most competitive.
  •  They are at your disposal if you have any problems or if you have any doubts, you can contact them. As it is a simple, quick and accessible way for all. With a few clicks. Simply go a pre-register the bank details of the issuer, the currency and the amount of your deposit, the country to which you want to transfer the money.
  • They are a financial institution authorized by the FSA, it has the responsibility of a European directive application relatively to the harmonization of the regularizations to the Payment entities 2007/64EC is recognized by the Bank of France and the European Union.

 Without surprises your guarantees

send money to Philippines

International banks in making transfers to the Philippines often do not hesitate to charge you for their services. Given that these expenses are unnecessary and relatively unnecessary and have no refund when you make the transfer through a bank. But with your “no surprises” guarantee, they will rembolsaran all of your additional costs. If you want to know more about this company we recommend it would be good to see your website there is everything you need, in an easy and secure.


Send money to Philippines with Xendpay
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