Send money with Gmail – The fast & free way to send money

Send money with Gmail is very easy regarding its email application. Even if the novelty is only in the United Kingdom and the United States, you can send money through this application, it is like an ordinary mail we were talking about.  This news is generated from the same official Google blog, where it announces giving to know this great feature to Gmail. And as previously mentioned it is only available for the USA and the UK.


Send money with Gmail


The only reason that this is available only in the United States and the United Kingdom is that it works with Google Wallet, since this service is in all the countries, and in some, it is waiting for Androy pay.

This new feature of sending money through an email and is fully integrated into the application. When we started the Gmail user. And we are going to send an email, a clip appears in the upper right corner, will come out several options and you only have to press to send money and automatically you are producing the sending of money to the other user who has the associated account.
That’s not all, just as you can send the money can also be claimed, and this refers to some known exploited that you have gone with money and do not want to pay, you only have to have your email to proceed to the payment of your money you once left.
You can also affiliate your wallet account in this way you will receive your money directly to the bank account and not to the Google Wallet.

Send money with Gmail as it works

Send money with Gmail works through an e-mail platform. Right now it is possible to receive and send money, documents, audios, images, videos and also payments. According to this, it is something as simple as attaching a file. No other application or download is required of any kind, users will be able to use this innovation and have the possibility to configure it to make the money go directly to your bank account.

Send money with Gmail which is?

The search engine will be able to access the bank accounts and the money of the users. (Clear this with an authorization) using the method you have chosen with Anteriority in the Gmail account.
According to the information given by Google, send money with Gmail is not a limitation for people who have a Gmail account or email, but also can do it with any other user. It is totally free this function and the answer is for people to use it with their friends and family “they can use it for any eventuality like paying for a lunch or a group trip.
You only need to wait for new updates and in some places, the Android arrives to start using a function that benefits a large part of users who remain online and lack a little time, either for their work or other obligations. It would be like a new network because you can add friends and create a financial link with them by simply sending an ordinary email. This feature will be available for over 18 years and the amount cannot be greater than $10.000.
This is more than all focused on people being able to use their cell phone to make transactions, since what is wanted is for the digital market to continue to grow for the benefit of the population, since every day lacks time and more needs, this innovation will become a global phenomenon when it is finished to generate and spread throughout all countries. Ultimately it is advancing the means of payment with the mobile and this 2017 will be a definitive success in that. We will be attentive to more publication, blogs, and news that google on this subject that many have with intrigue worldwide.
Send money with Gmail – The fast & free way to send money
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