Can you send money with google wallet

It makes a lot of things Google Wallet, one of its greatest values is that it gives you its service of money transfers person to person, also has mobile payments and keeps your loyalty cards. One of the least known features is that send money with Google Wallet works very well and can be done from small to large quantities.

You can send money with Google Wallet using the Google Wallet app

Your family and friends if at the moment they need to know how to send money onlinethey only need the application of Google wallet and an email address, to send money or send the money to you, with this new application to send money with Google Wallet helps you to cover many unexpected needs and emergencies. They are very much on the lookout for their customers, as far as money transfers are.
In reality, it is very easy and fast to manage a money sent with the application of Google Wallet.

Send and receive money with Google WalletSend money with Google Wallet

Never before has it been so easy to send and receive money with the application of Google Wallet, because with its latest version simply with a button send and another money request you just have to press it to begin the process of the transaction. Any of the option you need, you will be taken to a screen, where you must fill out an information, with the name of the person who is going to apply for the money or send it, this list will be filled in automatically when the contacts are matched, but you can also enter the email of someone who is not in your contact. Selecting the right person and you will be led to the feel step.
To send money with Google Wallet, just have to finish filling the amount you are sending, it is optional to add a message and choose the method of payment you would like to use, or by default use your wallet balance, if your shipment is greater than the available balance you must change the information and confirm the correct, you give the Send button in the top corner of the interface and successfully your money will be sent.

Money Application

As for the mobile payments money application, the process becomes very simple. Just enter the optional message and the amount you want to send (the message is probably with a great idea to ask for the money). Once you have sent the person will receive an email with a series of instructions so that you can send money with Google Wallet to your own account.

Send money with Google WalletChoose your payment mode

When sending money with Google Wallet, they present various options for different accounts to make the sending of that money, by default be marked Send your wallet balance. If you do not have funds or choose another method when dialing in the payment box and the amount you are sending will show a list of payment methods that are available.
You have the possibilities to add your Virtual Wallet, credit and debit cards account, each active method will be shown to you. They will give you the clear description of the account and card you are choosing, they will also show you a small note of the rates and methods of payment, Google rates and limits are listed on your website, the basics are that transfers of your wallet balance, debit card or checking account has no fee, instead Lkas credit cards have a rate of 2.9% The charge is minimum of 0.30 $)
The limitations to send money with Google Wallet surprisingly has a fairly high limit of $10.000 per transaction and 50.000 limit weekly, it is doubtful that such a weekly amount is used. While transfer with debit or credit cards is processed instantaneously, but they last about 3 to 10 days to show up in the bank account. It also depends on identity.
If you are the one who receives the money, this does not imply any cost or associated fees, nor should you pay to deposit that money to your bank account if it is linked to the Google Balance wallet account.
If you want more information about this method of payment can go here
Can you send money with google wallet
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