Send money with Remitly

To Send money with Remitly is very easy, just follow some instructions.

How can you send money with Remitly?

  • Creating an Account
The first step to give is to create an account or user in with your email creating this with a new password.
Immediately after you have created the account you can make your money.
  •  Add the destination
To enter the destination you must use the identity document issued by the state of birth, first and last name. Also your phone number and address.
To be able to make this shipment you will also have to give them your personal details, phone number, and address.
  •  Choose the way of delivery
Send money with RemitlyYou can choose the way you want to finance your shipment, you can do it from your MasterCard or Visa card (the send is immediate) or with a bank account (supplement in 3 business days)
Then select where to send the money:
Depósite directly to a bank account or, for countries with other options, you can select one of the thousands of money delivery centers.
Your information for safety
For them the safety of their clients is fundamental, like complying with the federal and state rules, they must verify the identity of their clients.
You should only generate your information in this way everything is safer.
After that, you go to the Send Money option
And this is it, just check your transaction, and send the money with Remitly is very easy
They will keep a record of all of their transactions, so their future transactions for the same person are made in seconds

How long does it take to send money with Remitly?

If you make the transaction with a credit or debit card, the transaction will take place in a matter of minutes, Remitly review.
With a bank account, the transaction will be effective around 3 business days.
It does not include holiday s and the Pacific timetable is standard.
Note that there are other factors that may affect the time limits of transfers. As:
  1.  The inaccuracy of the information, including that of you and the destination.
  2.  Time difference, bank layout, banking holidays and weekends.
  3.  The bank’s working hours and the adhered payment sites.
  4.  Information is required to protect your integrity and security in the transaction.
  5. Certain situations that are beyond the control of them, such as an in-availability of any of the partners

What countries can send money with Remitly?

You can send money with Remitly to these countries:Send money with Remitly
 The United States to the Philippines,
  •  México
  •  India
  •  Ecuador
  •  Colombia
  •  Honduras
  •  Guatemala
  •  Perú
  • Nicaragua
  • El Salvador.

The Clabe it is?

It consists of Number of 18 digits that gives replacement to the numbers of the bank accounts. Consists of:
  •  1 digit: control digit
  •  11 digits: Bank account number
  •  3 digits: Square code
  •  3 digits: Bank code
The Clabe can get contact with your bank, and not all banks working with Remitly occupy the key. such as:
  1.  Banco Azteca
  2.  Bancoppel
  3.  Banorte
  4.  Bancomer

Amount of money you can send with Remitly

When you are a new user, you can send up to $2,999 in the first 24 hours and $18,000 every 180 days. Yta shipments are in local currency or US dollars has the same limitations

In what way can you increase your shipping limit? ¿

And what time can you use it?                                                

It is very easy to ask for an increase in your limit.
  • You will need to answer certain questions
  • It is asking that it proportions some documents so that they can rely on their identity and source of funds.
  • After you have made and ordered the increment of the send, you can use it immediately with the requested limit
  •  After that first transaction, they will take about an hour, analyzing your application of increment.
All required information is kept, as they comply with a privacy policy law and is exclusively used in order to verify their identity.
Send money with Remitly
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