Send and Receive Money | All you need to know

Many people in the world today, at this time, are doing some financial transaction that has to do with to send and receive money. Since the invention of cash as we know it, we have all had the urgency of knowing how to transfer money to another person and so we have been looking for what is the best way to send money.

The main feature is that it is the cheapest way to wire money clear that some users not only want it to be cheap, but they also need to know how to send money securely, how to transfer money quickly and make it an easy money transfer.

Why has this need arisen to transfer money worldwide?


Well, the importance of to send and receive money can mainly be due to global growth and the growing economy, which makes business, social life, work and student life not only local, but people now expand their interaction globally.

This growth makes people and businesses mobilize, open branches and connect with all places, supported also by the simultaneous evolution of technology. So the causes that promote the send and receive money can be many.

But we are not going to talk about business financial operations, in this article we want to focus on what is how to transfer money to another person.We will try the following points:

We will try the following points:


 What are the money transfer options and determine the best way to send money today?


Given the hectic life that we carry, many of us want to do all our chores quickly, and And even more so if it is a tedious and boring paperwork as it is to go to a bank to make a long line to transfer money overseas, for this reason, all send money companies like banks, exchange houses, and other financial operators as well as leading telecommunications companies have moved and created new systems and technologies easy to handle, to precisely satisfy that requirement to send and receive money that we seek users, so we provide instant money transfer services, without leaving aside the security and commitment of these companies to us users.

It’s great to know that we have available countless options to send and receive money.

We can send money anywhere, as there are sites to send money online in our locality, and we also have an app to send money, which makes the need to send money fast is a safe and very reliable.

As we have investigated we have the following alternatives and ways of transferring money: Send and receive money has never been easier than now.

  1. Exchange operators offering money transfer services: These are money transfer agencies.
  2. Banks and financial institutions with a presence in almost all countries of the world.
  3. Virtual payment platforms, not banks, work as an electronic wallet. Among them, we have PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer, Payeer, Okpay, 2clicpay, etc.
  4. Money transfer app that fits to be used from your Smartphone or iPhone. These may be independent or may derive from an additional service offered by a bank institution or a foreign exchange operator.
We have to limit that each of these options to send and receive money that we previously presented in turn has other sub-options so to speak, is that each of them offers a portfolio money wiring services to choose the one that best suits us.
They also interweave each other to expand their coverage and have greater acceptance by users.

After choosing what that broker will use we choose the way we want to carry out that transaction.


How To Send Money in Person?

When we want to make a sending in person either because we do not like to use the technology or simply because we are on the street, we can choose two types of forms, these are:


A- Money transfer companies

B- Banks and other financial institutions


 Then we will talk about each of them and how we can benefit from alleging some of these ways

A.  Money transfer companies:

To know how can you send money to someone please go directly to Money transfer agent closer, there are many of these agencies as for example just to cite some are: The Western Union, money gram, Xoom, Walmart and there are many others very good too. From there, with the help of a person in charge, you can request information about the services they offer and choose the way that you benefit most. 
Some of the services offered by them are:
  • Money remittance services and online money remittance
  • Make an international money order
  • Transfer cash to bank account,
  • Transfer funds from credit card to bank account
  • Transfer money from debit card to another bank account
  • Transfer money to another card, either debit or credit from the recipient
  • Transfer money Internationally
  • Mobile money transfer
  • Send money online using checking account
  • Send Money abroad Post office
  • International Money Order

B.  Banks and other financial institutions:

 In each country and depending on their monetary regulation there are Banks or banking entities that are in the capacity to make this type of transactions. Surely they are not all the banks of the world but in a 90% all have this power to send money to the outside.
You can send and receive money through almost any bank and correspondent from and to anywhere in the world.
Through them, you can send and receive money to an account directly from your checking or savings account abroad. For this procedure, the swift code of the bank receiving the funds is required, in addition to the name, identity card, telephone number, city and account number of the person receiving the money order.
It is normally asked to be withdrawn in a certain number of days since it will not be returned to the home bank. Check with the financial institution for the procedures and costs of this service before making it.
To know how to bank transfer money you can go to the bank and from there request any of these services:
  • Transfer money between bank accounts
  • Instant Wire Transfer Online
  • Request a wire transfer to bank account
  • Request a prepaid debit card to send it to the recipient in another country
  • Request a check to send and be cashed in another country
  • Transfer funds to an account to your name on the outside
  • Money transfer to bank account
  • Wire transfer from bank to bank


How to Send Money Online through agent website?

You can enter directly on the money transfer agent  website or be using Money Bank Online of your choice and from there make the following moves for to Send and receive money:
  • Online Bank to bank transfer
  • Transfer money from one card to another online
  • Wire Money using credit card
  • Wire money from checking account online
  • Send money to bank account online
  • Send money to School
  • Send money to Family
  • Send Money Remittance
  • Send money to Card
  • Send money to credit card
  • Send money to Inmate
  • Send money with checking account
  • Send money, with debit card
  • Send money directly to debit card
  • Send money directly to bank account
  • Send money electronically to other virtual wallets
  • Funding online
  • Wire Funds
  • Electronic transfer funds
This way is very practical for those who do not want to address personally to the site where the office of the agent or bank or are also those who do not want to money transfer to bank account, sometimes it is the bank wire transfer fees that sometimes are higher than using virtual methods, when we want to send money low fees , is when we need to review all the options, usually international money transfer fees are higher than local wire transfer fees, so this circumstance forces us to investigate the cheapest way to send money.
Banks have also created their own applications so that each time it is much easier and faster for the user to use any method of online payments that it deems convenient.
I do not agree but there are those who claim that banks are not their first option when sending money and prefer to enter directly to the website of the exchange operator of their preference and from there themselves following a few simple steps carry out the transaction, it should be taken into account that what do you need to transfer money online is necessary to enter personal and banking data on the website of the entity , this can be safe or not.

How to send money using online payment platforms?


 They are popularly known as electronic wallets
These are gateways or payment methods used very commonly as payment transfer in virtual stores because they are very safe as there is no need to expose bank or card data directly to the online shopping site.
One disadvantage of using one of these platforms is that obviously, you have to have the shipping money available in the virtual accounts iff what you own on hand is effective this method is not for you.
send and receive money

They are popularly known as electronic wallets

Send and receive money among these payment platforms, you will find the following: PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer, Payeer, Okpay, 2clicpay, etc.

How to send money using Applications to Send Money?

We also have large multinational companies leading technological and telecommunications innovation, have turned their efforts to meet the demand of users who require this money transfer service and have created mobile applications them available to anyone who has a smartphone, these applications to send money online are easy to use and very practical.
More about this topic here ⇒ /money-transfer-options/
Samsung Pay
Apple Pay
Facebook through Messenger
Gmail via Google Wallet
Snapchat I believe your method called Snapcash
And even Whatsapp also joined the travel mating with other banking applications such as ImaginBank (La Caixa) and, BBVA.

Top money transfer App most popular   

What considerations we should take into account before choosing an option to send and receive money

whether you have a purpose remittances, payments or purchases:
  1. International money transfer fees.
  2. The country of destination: Since in some countries there is no free reception of currencies, there is no change of currency and therefore do not receive any remittance or payments from other countries.
  3. Exchange rate. This is important because the value of the currency differs in each country.
  4. Shipping time. It refers to the time it takes for your beneficiary to receive the money.
  5. Limit on the shipping amount. Some companies have a maximum amount for shipping. If the value you need to send exceeds the sum, you would have to make a second shipment, which would give you a double commission payment.

How can someone send me money as an international remittance?

Send and Receive Money | All you need to know
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As we have seen there are many ways to send your money, but for to send money remittance relatives some agencies have special treatment and thus special rates for remit money.
Usually, money remittance is used to send money to family and these are sent through change agencies or banks. When the recipients of the money are older people the traditional method is used because they are not familiar with the money sending app and in some cases, they are afraid of the online world.
In this case, simply the person who sends the transaction in the way that best meets your expectations and who withdraws is approaching a branch office in the country of destination to personally claim your money.
The company or bank notifies the recipient/beneficiary via email or telephone that the remittance can already be cashed, where a commission is deducted before delivery.
The main advantage of this method is its low cost and the security of the transaction. While a disadvantage could be the delay in receiving the money that could be from 24 to 48 hours.
We must congratulate the fact that nowadays it is much easier money transfer worldwide. In the past, the choice was family, friends or acquaintances returning to their home communities, but it was a long time to receive the resource or not arrive. Later they evolved to the alternatives of today.
Even in some countries where there are no change agencies such as the Western Union or MoneyGram, what is done is that you have to send a cheque by mail of parcels and then the beneficiary must go to the bank to collect or deposit it in your account. Although it is not so popular is a safe medium also a little delayed.
On the other hand, if the goal is to know how to send money same day and even in a few minutes, we can choose other modalities how to send money electronically.

How to send money to someone without a bank account?

They are carried out by companies and banks with branch agents in the other country, then the money is delivered and the company transfers it to the place of destination, where it can be collected in bank branches, exchange houses, pharmacies, gas stations, commercial chains, telegraph offices, among others.

How to send money with a bank account?

To make transfers through shipping bank accounts: A bank account is required in the country from where the shipment is made and when deposited, the beneficiary in the other country can charge it in an ATM or window, mainly.

How to send money over the Internet? 

Internet money transfer: with a charge to a credit card, debit or bank account; You can transfer money from the page of the company that gives this service, you will recognize them when they say “sending money online”. You only have to indicate where the money and the beneficiary’s data will be discounted.

Send money to bank account instantly?

Send money to another bank account through an electronic transfer: It is a service for to send money from bank account to bank account and for it the users or some financial institution must be subscribed to the service in the United States so that it can send and receive money to any account to in another country.
The shipping you do in dollars and the payment to your beneficiary is made in the currency power of that country, with a very competitive exchange rate in the market.
Currently, only U.S. payments can be sent to Mexico. For your shipments, you must know the standardized bank key “Clabe” (18 digits) or the debit card number (16 digits) of your beneficiary in Mexico. Transfers through bank accounts can be an alternative for security, speed, and cost.