Swedbank: Bank Transfers and APP Mobile Bank

The Swedbank Bank Service has a large and important share in the market, that is mainly due to the Link that has developed which has given advantages to its customers allowing them to make direct payments online from their bank account Swed bank to a Third.
In Sweden, it is very popular to use bank transfer as a viable and secure method of payment, but it is likely that this popularity will increase more and more. Since each day increases the number of people is starting to use online banking and also mobile applications to make payments.
The bank transfers made through the Swedbank link are very safe, and the process is carried out as follows: The buyer enters his Internet banking credentials and then proceeds to authorize the payment. Once this transaction has been made, the merchant receives a notice of authorization in real time, so that it can immediately send or deliver a good or service.

Swedbank Mobile Bank APP — Swedbank Privat

You can download the application is this link  Google Play, you can download it easily.
With this application, Swedbank provides security and ease to its users and promises to give them the necessary tool with which everyone can “manage your finances where and when you want” this is the motto that has been propagating the massive use of the app. It is very versatile because with it you can:
  1. See your balance shaking your mobile
  2. Perform fast downloads,
  3. Scan your invoices with your mobile camera to pay them immediately
  4. You can check your loans
  5. Check the current rates and costs of all products offered by Swedbank and much more.


It is necessary to clarify that there may be functions that are not in service because the application is still under development. If you click on a service that is not yet in place, it will be taken to our temporary save and place application.
However with this complement one can handle very well because almost all the functions except for others that I have already commented, all these do very well their work and this application that is available already, I want to say that is a luxury for customers consented s since you only have it installed from there you can do everything!
If you don’t have this application yet? Do not hesitate that it is a good option to facilitate the way you make your payments.
Google Play, you can download it easily.
On the safety of the use of the Swedbank application
The bank has reported that given for security and research reasons it can save and, record all transactions that are sent through the application.
Likewise, Swedbank reserves the right to register the IP address you use to use the service. If you want to know how personal information is handled, you can visit the Swedbank.se  page

Features and permissions for the operation of the APP

The Mobile Bank needs some requirements to be able to operate correctly on your smartphone, so you should allow the software to use some of the following features:
  • -Permission to record audio and video necessary to use the OCR scanner in the application.
  • -Permission to read all accounts/addresses is the same asset that is required to load a prepaid card in Mobilbanken.
  • -Permission for the application to check for calls in progress, you can also make calls if necessary to call the office, the telephone bank or the padlock service from Mobilbanken.
  • -Permission to read the Google settings, to know if it is related to Google Play services needed for Google Maps.
  • -Access to the gallery of images or photos. This is required for the card in the service of the card.
  • -Access to “read content on a USB device” is required to read from an external application (for example, download an image from a USB device or from Dropbox).
  • If you have any of these applications installed, you may experience problems logging in. Try to uninstall these applications to solve the problem.
Swedbank: Bank Transfers and APP Mobile Bank
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