Sweden payment system. At the forefront of mobile payments

Sweden payment system has been increasing popularity as new alternatives appear to make mobile payments online. In Europe, Sweden occupies the first place in terms of payment methods available to people, and also at the business level, as many of these companies have opted to create and disseminate among their customers the use of their own mobile applications for payment of their products, in order to associate or warmly Customer loyalty with the brand.


A survey conducted by Visa says that about 86 percent of the people in this country have already used some of the mobile means of payment offered in the online marketplace. In a coming and going of applications created for this purpose to make online payments, several apps have already been denied and even almost to the brink of disappearing.


Today credit card payments are stronger and more popular than ever, new mobile payment solutions have revolutionized as is swish and Apple Pay, at the same time, in which other mobile applications that started in the 2011como SEQR or WyWallet are being left behind.


How did the Sweden payment systems in emerge and evolve?

It is very accurate to say that for many of us, the day begins and ends all with the mobile phone. A study says in figures of 2016 that 50 percent of global online store traffic was channeled through mobile phones, and of that percentage, 30 percent made direct order and payment, according to the Salesforce Cloud Purchasing index (previously requiring Ware shopping index). At the end of 2017, there will be more orders from mobile phones than any other platform in the world, according to the mobile shopping focus report.

The cell phone has created space for new mobile payment solutions such as Swish, ApplePay, Android Pay, Samsung Danish MobilePay and Norwegian VIPs. At the same time has the credit card in the form of a piece of plastic proven to be viable. As consumers are happy to pay by card on mobile strengthens the position of the card, despite the app-Betalsätt as swish.

There are so many different payment options available today that thinking about what is going to be used to pay for a purchase or gasoline is a mess. In this digital area have settled several companies that provide the service of sending money or transfers online and also each of them has its own app. And it is not bad to have several solutions at our disposal, but, wanting to know which is the best transfer app is an almost impossible mission, each is good in one or another item, the idea is to review the benefits for each person in particular. Waiting for Apple, Google, and Samsung in terms of updating more and better Sweden payment system.

Technology is ready and is being included in the U.S.

Future payment solutions should work on all channels, according to Jes Rassmussen, pay Eurocard expert.

He is convinced that ApplePay will be a popular payment method even among Swedish users, only banks accept the method of payment. Apple has a lot of fans in Sweden.

In a world is becoming more globalized, mobile payment systems have become a national custom. Among all Sweden payment system that stands out in the mobile is the swish, this takes the lead in mobile banks. A total of 66 percent of Swedes says they use swish and another 31 percent are familiar with swish as a payment option as the Swedish report of 2016 says. The only payment solution that matches the success of the Swish is Klarna, such as the use of 61 percent. Only 1 percent of Swedes say they are using SEQR that is in line with the crypto-bitcoin currency.

Platforms that had high reach in previous years as SEQR and WyWallet will not fly online again. We have zero demand for them from e-retailers, says Patrik Müller.

The large Swedish mobile payment operators WyWallet sold their shares in April last year to the Payex payment service for an unknown amount. Mobile operators have been pumping 150 million of crowns in WyWallet as in their last financial statement, which own business was 15,700,000 loss in sales of 24,700,000. Use the last year that had fallen from 7 to scarce 3 percent of Swedes, according to the Sweden payment system report in 2016.

However, Patrik Müller convinced that swish will become one of the main methods of payment on the web when they return to the market after the SORTIN without glory in May of this year when sweeping trade only after a few months had to close its payment solution for online traders due to technical problems. With five million users a little disappointed already the platform has proven to be a reliable method of payment among users. If the only swish solves your technical problems will become a standard method of online payment.

Solución de cartera de MasterCard principal del paso, donde los clientes almacenar información de tarjetas de crédito en un monedero electrónico, llamó la atención de la industria del comercio electrónico cuando se lanzó el año pasado. Pero ellos no tienen de ninguna manera significativa logrado explotar Swishs debacle. A pesar de que la solución está en que más y más tiendas en línea están utilizando cero, según el informe de pago Suecia en 2016.


In his time of glory was introduced in the market as one of the most innovative, reliable and easy ways to pay in Sweden. In its first day of launching, there were already over one million Swedes United to WyWallet, it was an invention for mobile payments that facilitates the lives of consumers and daily business businesses. That was the beginning of the next steps in which the only goal was to develop the boom of mobile commerce, to easily shop online directly with the cell phone.


Sweden payment system. Most used platforms

Sweden payment system


EBetalning- Nordea

The eBetalning of Nordea This is a magnificent platform that in record time allows making a bank transfer, and currently, is one of the most used ways to make payments in Sweden since it allows customers to make payments online directly from their bank account to a merchant.
This online transfer payment solution has a market-support share of approximately 6 percent.


An easy and very practical way to make payments by bank transfer in the network Sweden payment system is through EBetalning-Nordea, very safe in transactions of this type. A 50 percent of Sweden’s e-commerce transactions are made through its banking system. These Figures are still on the rise and are expected to grow even more in the years ahead along with the familiarity and use of online banking platforms. Payments are made safely from a banking environment using the existing buyer registration credentials, while merchants receive real-time authorization for payments.
Bank transfers account for 27% of the market share in Sweden.


PayPal is a digital wallet that provides a secure and easy-to-use service, currently has more than 230 million accounts worldwide. Today it is very difficult for someone not to know this platform because it has spread much between shops and online stores and this operation in almost all countries of the world. It is a very strong brand that is easily recognized by its logo of letter p to two colors of blue. For customers, this brand represents a popular and secure method for making online payments of goods and services. PayPal. Customers only register and log in to your Paypal account, then you will need to enter funds to the platform or simply associate a debit or bank Account card so that through PayPal you can complete the transactions without having to expose the details of the card online. It supports a variety of cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and also allows customers the option to pay without sharing the details of their card online.
PayPal has been one of the top success stories in the payment industry in recent years and growth is constant in more than 20% year-on-year.




Paysafecard is a method that works by means of coupons. A very popular prepaid coupon service which allows customers to buy securely at Línea.la PaySafeCard company always wants to highlight the top of their competitors promising to be Sweden payment system “as safe and as fast as cash.”

How does it work? Well, the buyer must first buy a Paysafecard that can be purchased at any point of sale or stores, of the many who sell Paysafecard. Then, the user who purchased the ticket uses the unique coupon code to pay for online purchases. There is another option, and is that the buyer wants to store their Paysafecard is in a virtual portfolio called ‘ Mypaysafecard ‘, these can be used later through the virtual portfolio to buy and pay whatever you want whether it’s articles or services. You only have to credit your identity by providing the user name and password.

This Sweden payment system to make transfers is one of the most loved by users for its simplicity and the fact that it is accessible to buyers without bank accounts. Paysafecard became the ideal method of payment to reach different locations. In addition, with its wide presence in European territory and even outside of it. This app is backed in several countries in which it symbolizes an indispensable method of payment for many traders seeking to expand their geographical footprint.

Once the buyer makes the payment, the merchant immediately is notified by means of a notification. This detail makes this method of payment perfect for digital goods as well as a physical goods-the mechanic can immediately dispatch, safe in the knowledge that the buyer has paid.



Fundsend was established to allow anyone with a debit * or credit card to send international funds quickly, safely, and also at a very low price. With this method, you can send up to €5,000 from any MasterCard or Visa payment card without the need for pre-registration. However, at any time you can enroll and benefit from even lower money transfer rates.



Nordea is the largest financial services group in Northern Europe, with a stock capitalization of approximately 41.7 mm of euros, a total asset of 636.7 mm of euros and an ordinary equity ratio of 15.2%. Nordea has leadership positions in corporate and institutional banking, as well as retail banking and private banking. It is also one of the leading suppliers of living and pension products in the Nordic countries.

Sweden payment system. At the forefront of mobile payments
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